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1- Our vision

The future of the planet is everyone's business. Because ecology is at the heart of the concerns of environmental policies, of citizens, it is our duty to contribute to all the projects which aim to leave a clean planet for future generations. The time has come to unite us: politicians, companies, schools, nature lovers, NGOs, Associations, citizens, in order to be together even stronger. Why not bring together all the actions at the local, national and international level? Your new social network We Act Green meets this much-needed need at a time when humanity is wondering about Covid 19 and its aftermath. Let's all find ourselves, actors of ecology and sustainable development, biodiversity, the preservation of fauna and flora on Let us share the actions carried out, our everyday ecological gestures, the projects underway in all fields of ecology: government projects, innovative actions, CSR / CSR for companies, schools, fair tourism throughout the world; All together on the same platform! On We Act Green you can publish your everyday ecological actions, discover eco-responsible destinations thanks to our network of partners; BEFORE ECOLOGY HAS ITS OWN SOCIAL NETWORK! For a clean and breathing planet, let us unite, think of the We Act Green network and together become stronger, for a greener planet and for future generations.