How to Get Rid Of Noisy Sounds From A Shark NV360 Vacuum?

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A few days ago, my friend’s three-year Shark NV360 suddenly made abnormal noises, which even scare her children and dogs playing outside.

A few days ago, my friend’s three-year Shark NV360 suddenly made abnormal noises, which even scare her children and dogs playing outside.

First, Sara did not know how to solve the problem except unplugging it right away. Fortunately, I also use a Shark vacuum, so I explained her issue and helped her fix it.

As a result, in this article, I would like to tell you how to remove the noise so that no one would be in my friend’s situation.

Step #1: Checking The Beater Brush

First, I asked her if this was the first time she met the trouble. She said yes, so I doubted the sounds resulting from the beater brush. There might be something choking the NV360 Shark vacuum.

To check my speculation, I took the hose out of the vacuum and turned it on again.

If I was right, the vacuum should have worked quietly after that.

However, there were still odd sounds, so the beater brush was not the problem in this case. But when I saw the dirty tool, I recommended my neighbor clean it up with a worn-out hairbrush. Sooner or later, the old device could cause trouble.

Step #2: Checking Filters

Secondly, I asked Sara when was the last time she changed the filters. She answered she only washed them with water.

Unfortunately, Shark navigator NV360 filters need to be replaced, not only be washed, if you want them to work effectively. Specifically, you should change the HEPA filter after two to three years, depending on your frequency of use. Supposed you delay the change, the clogged device might block the air flowing through the vacuum, going up the noise level

So, I suggested my friend using new filters.

Nevertheless, when she used a good set of filters, her machine still made noise. If that is your case, going to the next step.

Step #3: Detecting The Kind Of Noise

After checking the brush and filters, I turned on the upright vacuum cleaner again and realized that it made whistling sounds. The situation often has its root in two wrong parts: the hose or the canister.

So, I removed the hose, plugging in the machine again. Unfortunately, it did not work.

Then, I came to the canister. Simultaneously, I hoped it was not the culprit.

Sadly, God might not have time to hear our wish when we realized there was a hole in the canister’s creeks. That means the air released from the hole made high pitch noises.

That also means we had to buy a new blue Shark vacuum because the plastic material did not allow us to use adhesive or glue.

Final Words

To conclude, that is my friend’s problem related to the noise made by a Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360. Now, she has a new one. Additionally, she has understood that she should not suck up large dust too often to protect the machine well.

My advice is to get your machine regularly maintained as I did with my eight-year Shark vacuum to avoid Sara's risk after all.


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