Introduction to Oil and Gas Simulator

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Introduction to Oil and Gas Simulator

With the continuous progress of science and technology, drilling well control technology has also achieved rapid development, but the problems faced are still very serious. It is well known that the oil drilling process is a high-risk, high-tech and challenging project. Some low-layer structures are special, which makes drilling face many problems such as shallow gas, natural gas hydrate, unstable foundation and low formation fracture pressure. Well control is the top priority to ensure drilling safety.

Logging technology is an important means to recognize and identify oil and gas layers. For example, by using the different characteristics of different rock layers, according to the signals returned by the cable in the logging, the construction personnel analyze it to obtain relevant information, such as oil and natural gas. approximate reserves.

Drilling rig installation includes lifting the drilling rig, adjusting the orientation, fixing the drilling rig, and trial operation.

For each of these fields of oil production, we have corresponding simulator training products. The products we have researched over the years have covered various fields of the oil and gas industry. The drilling simulation device has been continuously updated and the technology has become more mature. It has become one of the drilling simulator products with the most complete functions, the best performance and the most reasonable price at home and abroad recognized by the industry. Our simulator products have been loved by users at home and abroad with excellent product quality and technical services. Now it has occupied more than 95% market share of domestic drilling simulation devices.

Relying on the strong scientific research strength of the Key Laboratory of Petroleum Engineering Computer Simulation Technology of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Esimtech is a high-tech enterprise engaged in scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales and computer application technology in the oil and gas industry.

Esimtech is committed to the development of simulation and simulation systems for petroleum engineering and petroleum equipment, and has achieved a series of application results with completely independent intellectual property rights. Esimtech adheres to the concept of "being the best simulator in the world, making training more efficient", and constantly provides users with the best products and creates value for users.