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Many customers can't decide which glass to use when designing their own watch brand, so Custom Watches Factory, we are glad to introduce you the types of watch glass to give you more idea before making the decision. Here is a guide to help you recognize which glass is the best choice to Build Your Own Watch brands.

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Wristwatches usually come equipped with some type of glass to protect the watch face and allow you to read the time. However, different watch crystals have different properties, so what are each of these types of crystals? Which watch glass is better? How do they perform and compare to each other?

The 3 most used types of watch glasses are sapphire crystal, mineral glass and acrylic glass.

Sapphire Crystal

Probably the most desirable watch glass is constructed of genuine or synthetic sapphire. Synthetic sapphire is generally used. It is constructed of crystallized aluminum oxide and has the same physical attributes as natural sapphire.

Sapphire behaves well against scratches, it is somewhat susceptible to breaking if exposed to strong impacts. That is why certain types of watches, for example military watches, opt for more shock-resistant options such as acrylic.

The same hardness that makes glass so durable also makes it very difficult to work with and extremely difficult to polish glass to perfection. Sapphire glass is ten times harder than mineral glass. So the price of sapphire is much more than a mineral crystal.

Mineral Glass

It is the most widely used type of watch glass for affordable watches. Mineral glass is stronger than plastic glass, but it is not scratch resistant. By coating mineral glass, it can be hardened, making it twice as strong. In this condition it is also called hardened mineral glass.

Mineral glass is created from silica and provides better scratch protection than acrylic glass, although in my experience it's still not particularly good. This is almost identical to the regular "glass" you'll have on your windows, and has similar properties as a result. Mineral glass is often found in "fashion watch" brands as it is cheaper to manufacture than sapphire glass and offers some scratch resistance.

Acrylic Glass

The cheapest glass is actually a plastic. Acrylic plastic is strong, flexible and transparent. it is also very light. However, it could be easily scratched.

Acrylic glass is very affordable, its smoothness makes it very susceptible to scratches; although it is surprisingly resistant to impacts, due to its flexibility. The pseudonyms mentioned above are certain variants of acrylic glass with slightly different characteristics, but overall very similar performance. Although scratches on acrylic can be removed, you should consult a professional for the easiest method to proceed.

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