Warzone Pacific Season 2 'headless bug fix on its way

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As you can see in this video of streamer LouiCM as you can see in the clip from LouiCM Lost Ark Gold, the "Bundled Up" skin for Wade isn't quite what one would be expecting from its thumbnail. If you look at the Operator's thumbnail, he simply has nothing above the neck.

All weapon buffs nerfs in Warzone Season 2 Pacific update

In no way is it surprising that players have begun calling this character"Headless Horseman. "Headless Horseman." It's a great reference to the tale of Ichabod Crane, as well as an actual proof of Warzone fans are educated by the literary work.

Wade typically appears like the normal person.

As you can see in the image that follows, Wade has the head on his neck in the game. In addition, players are reporting this issue with the Sleepy Hollow version of his most recent Legendary skin is only a glitch with the Menu.

In the present, we have not seen any footage of the Operator playing, so it's impossible to know whether the glitch may cause any issues.

In the hours following the Season 2 patch arrived and players noticed this headless issue Cheapest Lost Ark Gold, Raven Software confirmed the team was already working on it.