How to save money with electric heating?

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Using alternative energy sources and switching to electric heating is the right choice.

How to save money with electric heating?

Two tips from the experts
 It has long been made by Europe and other developed countries of the world. Minimizing the consumption of natural gas is a very important step, which our country is also making now.

The acute gas problem encourages people to switch to electric heating. As a result, there has been a real boom in electric heating in Europe. The population is replacing the old gas systems with electric ones. They buy electric heaters in stores and install them as an additional source of heating. At the same time, rates for electricity are not getting cheaper. Experts from explained how to save on electricity and what false utility bills are.

There is a logical question: is it economical electric heating?

We, as experts who have been implementing energy-saving infrared electric heating for more than a year, are absolutely convinced that you can. And here are some useful tips, following which you will significantly save your money without limiting yourself in warmth and comfort.

Tip #1. Insulate your home
The financial cost of electric heating is directly dependent on the insulation of the room. So do not wait for frost, and pay attention in advance to the "gaps" in the insulation of your building. Consequently, no heating system will not save you if the room has a large heat loss. Thin walls, insufficiently insulated roofs, facades, and windows lose up to 50% of thermal energy.

Energy conservation should be taken care of all the time. Insulation of apartments will reduce heating costs, and provide comfort and cosiness. There are a lot of technologies and modern materials. Choose them yourself or ask for help from professionals. Even a small, match, the gap is a heat loss up to 30 cubic meters of warm air per hour. And why do you need to heat the street?

Tip #2. Choose the "right" electric heating
As we have seen from our own experience, the most economical electric heating system now is based on infrared low-temperature panel heaters. With low cost, they are almost 1.5 times cheaper to operate than electric convectors, calorifiers or oil heaters. For example, let's take an average two-bedroom apartment. In general, the installation of an infrared panel electric heating system TM UDEN-S in the two-room apartment will cost the client 400-450 dollars. The system with a capacity of about 3 kW will operate for an average of 5-7 hours per day. At this consumption will be about 450 kW per month, and it is not more than 15 dollars.

 Unlike infrared heaters, such equipment with a capacity of 5-6 kW will work 8-10 hours a day and consume an average of about 1200 kW per month, and that is ... $ 45 per payment. Given these points, it is easy to fall into a trap. The resulting savings of $80 to $130, will result in energy bill debt. Consequently, with convectors, the customer will always exceed the 600 kW limit and pay 0.20 cents for each "over-limit" kilowatt.