Genshin Impact Leak Shares Version 3.6 Event Details

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A new leak for Genshin Impact has revealed a number of mini-games set to be shown in Version 3.6's flagship event


The flagship event for Genshin Impact accounts Version 3.6 is placed to have a variety of mini-games, including newer and more effective game concepts along with a special reward.

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A new leak for Genshin Impact has revealed a number of mini-games set to be shown in Version 3.6's flagship event. The popular RPG from HoYoverse has seen multiple pieces of information about the upcoming update revealed between leaks and official information from the developer. HoYoverse would confirm Baizhu and Kaveh because the next characters to become listed on the game's roster, adding two new Dendro members towards the game, with leaks hinting at a map expansion and new enemies. Now, players have discovered a little more about the update's flagship event.

Each new update from Genshin Impact typically includes multiple mini-games included in the patch's main highlighted event. The recently concluded Windblume's Breath featured several special games for players to tackle as part of the Mondstadt festival, including balloon chasing, picture taking, and also the return of Genshin's rhythm game. Other smaller events throughout Version 3.5 have included a Fungus-based re-imagining of Theater Mechanicus and combat challenges, amongst others. Now, Version 3.6 is placed to bring lots of mini-games with special rewards.

An update from prominent Genshin Impact leaker Genshin Intel has revealed the entire suite of mini-games coming toward the game's next update. Version 3.6's flagship event, titled "A Parade of Providence," will feature multi-stage mini-games provided by each of the Sumeru Academia's Darshans. Mini-games will vary from domain challenges along with a new rhythm game to brand-new mini-game concepts just like a building challenge inside the Serenitea Pot along with a "lateral thinking riddle." Genshin Impact's Version 3.6 is anticipated to debut on April 12, using its flagship event likely launching a couple of days after.

Genshin Intel's information about the event also included the accessible rewards, with a particular prize catching players' eyes. A Parade of Providence will reportedly offer players an astonishing 820 Primogems as a whole along with new furnishings as a reward for fully completing all its mini-game challenges. Players may also be able to get a free four-star character, with Anemo Bow user Faruzan available by completing the big event. Faruzan was initially released alongside the highly-anticipated Wanderer in Version 3.3.

Version 3.6's flagship event is placed to join another major addition planned to arrive at genshin impact accounts throughout the patch. The April update to Genshin Impact is anticipated to introduce the following major expansion towards the Sumeru region, pushing the boundaries from the region's desert further toward the north. The newly-added desert region will reportedly make Sumeru's in-game size more than that of both Mondstadt and Liyue combined. Genshin Impact looks to possess plenty to help keep players busy throughout Version 3.6 between a number of mini-games and new locations to understand more about.

Genshin Impact can be obtained for PC, PS4, PS5, and cellular devices. A Switch version is in development.