Secret Agent Imperial Concubine: Your Majesty, I want to destroy you + text

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But what kind of person is Yan Lie? There is no shortage of masters in Imperial College. At the moment,

"Confirmed by the three top auctioneers of the auction house, this is the 11th level of Warcraft Dan." "Boom." As soon as Wu Xing's words fell, the distinguished guests in the auction room below exploded without any deportment, and some of them almost jumped up excitedly. My God! Eleventh-level magic elixir! Eleventh-level! Yan Lie rubbed his ears in disbelief. Level 11, there is level 11 Warcraft on this continent? Jiaxuan Moyan stood up with a shock, completely incredulous. Level 11, that is the legendary level of Warcraft. In the thousand-year history of the non-feather kingdom, the highest level of Warcraft is only level 10, but today. "God, level 11, I can't imagine." Fu He-yu clenched his fists in both hands and was so excited that he couldn't help himself. Compared with all the people who were shocked and excited and completely lost their temper, Luoyu was more calm. Because, very simple, she does not use, the inner alchemy of Warcraft does not help her, therefore, the mentality is more balanced than everyone else. But Luoyu still rubbed his eyes: "Level 11, today is an eye-opener." The sorcery below seemed to have expected the gaffe of the crowd, and did not say much. With a wave of his hand, the extinguished crystal lamp was lit up again. In the bright light, the 11-level magic Dan flows smoothly. Although it is not as beautiful as in the dark night, it also has another amorous feelings. When the lights came on,stainless steel welded pipe, all the people present were top figures in the imperial capital. After a brief gaffe, they immediately controlled their emotions. Eleven magic Dan, there is no reserve price auction, but Huayu auction house Haozang headquarters has said, if the price is less than our ideal price, then we have the right not to auction, into other empires. Wu Xing nodded slightly to everyone, then waved his hand,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and the auction began. A brief silence. Ha ha, did not expect to be such a top treasure, I dare not think of the Earl's house, then I will make a price, is the beginning, three million gold coins. In silence, an imperial count sitting below began to laugh. Chapter 101: Auction First Encounter 6 Immediately, everyone's passion was ignited. Five million. "Six million.." "Seven million.." No one opens his mouth to give decimals, and everyone opens his mouth to add up millions. Level 11 magic elixir is worth it anyway. You should know that the eleventh level is basically one thousand five hundred to two thousand years of Warcraft, such a top strong place, the benefits of the inner alchemy to them, can almost be described as infinite. Maybe if you eat it, you can jump directly from the red fighting spirit to the existence of the purple peak. Maybe bring the dead back to life.. Maybe you can live forever. No one can be sure what its benefits are, but everyone knows that the benefits will never be less. 15000 000 ." " 18000 000 ." Ao Yun Guo Gong Fu opened his mouth. 21000000 ." Ziyan Guogongfu Jun Rao Tian opened his mouth. Two thousand.. The number is increasing sharply, and the three major States have begun to use their wealth and capital to win the magic elixir of the 11th level of this staff. On the VIP seat on the second floor, 304 stainless steel wire ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Luoyu lies on the railing to watch the scene of bustle. Such a magic Dan is so valuable. If she has a back, it's not a hair. Luoyu laughs. Forty million. Chuckling, a cold voice sounded, that has not been exported Jiaxuan Mo Yan Huang Shu opened his mouth. The Three Kingdoms were a little silent at once. They knew the king's financial resources, but the eleven-level magic elixir was too fascinating. 45000000 ." Jun Raotian frowned and opened his mouth again, more than forty million, to take out in one breath, for Ziyan Guogongfu is not a small matter. Fifty million. Jiaxuan Moyan's uncle looked at Jun Raotian. The governments of the three powers looked at each other, and their financial resources. "60 million." At the moment of the silence of the three kingdoms, the government crane, which had not moved, opened its mouth. The Pharmacist Association, whose influence spanned the three empires, was a gold cellar. An elixir of four hundred thousand can be seen. Luoyu turned his head and looked at the red-eyed house crane, glancing at the royal crowd frowning below, and his eyes moved slightly. 70 million. After Fu He opened his mouth, Yan Lie, who had been watching the excitement, also opened his mouth with a smile. Chapter 102: Auction First Encounter 7 Imperial College. It's a rich place, too. Fu He frowned slightly and opened his mouth to increase the price. Seeing this, Luoyu whispered, "The president is careful. The food is delicious, but you have to eat it." The crane in the house immediately looked back at the feather, but the feather was still lying on the railing to watch the fun, and did not look back. Fu He Yu is also a sensible person, but he was so excited by the magic Dan of the eleventh level that he forgot it. At this time, he immediately calmed down after being mentioned by the fallen feather. Ordinary people are innocent, but they are guilty. How can he not understand this? This is the boundary of the non-feather kingdom. Fu He-yu calmed down. Eighty million. And at the moment when the crane calmed down, the royal family opened its mouth again, 80 million gold coins, which is definitely half of the treasury of the non-feather kingdom. At the same time accompanied by Jiaxuan Mo Yan Huang Shu that cold with a murderous look in the eyes, swept to Yan lie. But what kind of person is Yan Lie? There is no shortage of masters in Imperial College. At the moment, when the breath is mentioned, you have to open your mouth. How dare you auction my master's property without his permission. However, at the moment when Yan was about to open his mouth, a cold and unusual voice suddenly came through the closed hall door. Bang. Then there was an explosion, and the door of the black stone hall, which weighed more than a few hundred pounds, was kicked to pieces, and the sealed door was gone. All the people in the hall were attracted by the sudden change and could not help looking at the gate. At the empty gate, eight figures came in coldly, led by a man dressed in blue, walking like a dragon and a tiger, whose appearance was as hard and cold as that carved by thousands of years of ice. All the breath is exposed, just like the unsheathed sword, which is sharp and powerful. The seven people behind him looked ordinary, but like the sword of the hidden front, hidden, seemingly ordinary attendant dress,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, but the breath was so strong that the guests sitting at the door could not resist, and subconsciously retreated. Only eight people, but give people a kind of strength that can withstand thousands of horses. Silence. There was silence all around.