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"The Great God King, all five are the Great God King?!" At this time, the face of the

"The Great God King, all five are the Great God King?!" At this time, the face of the Taoist strong man who picked herbs on a black immortal mountain in the Taishang Forbidden Area was full of surprise. What, are the great God king, how possible, is that the most glorious era, a family is also very difficult to get out of the five great God king! A lot of people were shocked and thought it was ridiculous. We are not from the same race, we are on the edge of the region, you will never understand, can be connected to heaven! One of the five men, a silver-haired man, spoke lightly. Don't think too much, our ancestors just live in the front of this branch road, not on your side, hey! Then another of the five spoke. You are creatures out of bounds. Are you fallen immortals? Jiang Luoshen, who stood with the people of Tianxian Island overseas, was so surprised that he lost his voice. Both Buddhists and Taoists are serious, from far to near, to this side, if so, the problem is too serious. You worry too much. We belong to a neutral ancient family. We don't favor either side. We just live at the end of the world. No, we are not responsible for guarding this evolutionary branch. Obviously, the five people also realized the seriousness of the problem, and did not want to become a public enemy, just to frighten people, one of them made a rare explanation. At this moment, one of the five stood out. It was a young woman. Her long golden hair was smooth and supple. Her face was carved like suet jade. Her black pupils were very deep. She said,secondary containment pallet, "Well, the sacrifice has begun. There is no time to delay. It's time to enter the Eight Diagrams Furnace. Otherwise, she will miss the best time." The scene was silent, and all nationalities thought of a lot. For a moment, they were in a trance, and no one stopped them. Five people suddenly disappeared and took the opportunity to enter the furnace! They don't want to miss the best time to enter the furnace. All of a sudden, the flames were like a vast ocean, the flames were towering, the fog was turbulent, the whole stone furnace was blurred,plastic pallet crates, and the five people became more and more mysterious, as if stepping on the ancient passage, step by step, standing in the immortal Eight Diagrams Furnace. Their armor was so strange that it blocked the light of the fire, and they were not damaged, calm and peaceful, and disappeared into the mist of the stone furnace. Until people can not see, five people look serious, solemn, not as overbearing and strong as just now. One of them said, "The ancestors of our family have been guarding the end of this evolutionary branch all the year round, paying attention to the movements of the fallen immortals, and also guarding the abnormalities of the world. We are in a bitter and cold place, living in a chaotic world. This is God's compensation for us. Up to now, we have made great contributions and worked hard!" "This is what we deserve, the opportunity of Nirvana of the five great gods. This is only a trivial gift, far from enough. I hope the elders in the clan will get more, and the ancestors of all families will have a breakthrough!" This is their dialogue, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet suppliers, with soul light communication, outsiders can not hear, otherwise it will trigger the waves of star waterfall, will form a hurricane storm in the world. Above the heavens, there is God. Some ancient families like them live at the end of the world and are related to God. If outsiders understand, then there is no need to shock five people are the great God king! This involves God's compensation for these families! Their black armor is very old, which was worn by their ancestors. It is stained with secret blood, such as immortal blood, Buddha blood and so on. It also has the ancient blood of divine birds and beasts, which is quite extraordinary. For a moment, in the flames, they were like immortal birds in nirvana, to achieve eternal life, one by one covered by dark armor, even the face began to emerge black gold shield, only the pupil was exposed, it was extremely terrible and detached. This time, we want to achieve a peerless transformation, become immortal and immortal, even if one day we enter God, we also have the courage to compete with other races. One man opened his mouth and his tone was very firm. Well, I've been waiting for so long, with so many years of accumulation in the clan, and the compensation given by that place, this sacrifice is enough. At this time, they carefully took out five special golden vases, among which there were unimaginable sacrificial objects. As soon as the five golden Qiankun bottles were opened, they flowed out with unimaginable secret power, and there were bursts of Tao flowing out, accompanied by the sound of scriptures. "We are not offering sacrifices to the souls of heroes, but the real sacrificial furnace. We can get as much as we offer. It is said that the saints can only set foot on the ultimate road when they look back and temper themselves to the golden age.". However, it is not too late for Zhuntianzun to turn back. In the realm of our Great God King, we can still be detached if we refine ourselves again. First boil back to the divine realm, or even reflect the level, and then borrow so many innate things, heavy anti-God King level, when the time comes who will fight with each other?! This kind of words is amazing! Generally speaking, it is enough to come here for Nirvana, which is a rare great fortune. The six-eared macaque clan, on the other hand, is to allow the children of the clan to refine from the holy level to the golden body, to achieve the strongest suppression and transformation process in the history of rumors, just like refining the nine-turn golden elixir. Chu Feng came here earlier, also for the body of the world, to refine his body to the level of the golden body, after which he can jump by the sea, directly began to contact all kinds of pollen, to achieve rapid super evolution. But now, some people want to achieve this kind of exercise in the realm of the Great God King, which seems shocking. In fact, Chu Feng has always wanted to try, in this place to let his underworld body-the body of the Great God King, a hellish grinding, all kinds of tempering, to see if it can succeed. However, he has never been sure that no one has ever heard of such a near-death attempt. It is too absurd for the Great God King to temper himself to the divine realm, even to the level of reflection. In principle, it is impossible. However, he also believed that someone must have gone through such a road. When he came here some time ago,collapsible pallet bin, he consulted a large number of ancient books and saw some vague hints and obscure records. Although there was no direct evidence, he believed that an old friend might have traveled that way. Tianzun has regrets, turn around or have a chance to reshape!. binpallet.com