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Mr Woodhouse was soon ready for tea. After drinking tea, he couldn't wait to go home.

Mr Woodhouse was soon ready for tea. After drinking tea, he couldn't wait to go home. His three companions did their best to divert his attention from the fact that it was late, until the other three gentlemen came into the drawing-room. Mr. Weston has a lively, talkative personality, and friends don't leave early for any reason. In that end, the numb of people gathered in the live room increased. Mr. Elton, in excellent spirits, was the first to enter the drawing-room. Mrs. Weston and Emma were sitting together on a sofa. He immediately went up to join their circle, almost uninvited, and placed himself between them. Hoping that the arrival of Mr. Frank Churchill would amuse everyone, Aima, who was in high spirits at the moment, was happy to forgive his inappropriate behaviour and to be as satisfied as he had been with him before. Hearing that the first topic he started was about Harriet, he immediately had the friendliest smile on his face and a look of longing to listen. He declared that he was extremely worried about her beautiful friend, who was beautiful, lovely and kind. Do you know-or have you heard anything about her since we came to the Landaus house? I was extremely worried,Automatic nail machine, and I have to admit that I was very surprised by the symptoms she complained of. He talked for a long time in this way, very appropriately, and did not pay close attention to other people's questions and answers. Later, there seemed to be a sudden turn. It was as if he were suddenly afraid for her, rather than for Harriet, that it was a severe pharyngolaryngitis — as if he were eager for her to escape the infection,wire nail machine manufacturers, rather than thinking that the disease was not contagious. He persuaded her, in the most earnest tone, not to visit the ward again at present-to assure him that she would not run the risk until Mr. Perry had asked his opinion. Although she laughed it off and tried to get the conversation back on track, his extreme worries about her did not stop. She felt tepid. It was impossible for her to hide it, as it was for him to pretend that he loved her rather than Harriet. If this is true, it is the most contemptible, the most intolerable change of mind! She could hardly restrain herself from having a fit. He turned to Mrs. Weston, hoping to ask her for help. "Won't you back me up?"? Won't you help me persuade her not to go to Mrs. Goddard's until it is proved that Miss Smith's is not contagious? I won't be satisfied without a guarantee. Can you use your influence to persuade her? "So careful to think for others," he went on, "so careless to think for himself! She wanted me to stay at home to avoid catching a cold, but she wouldn't promise to avoid the danger of diphtheria! Do you think that's fair, Mrs. Weston? Don't I even have the right to complain? I trust that you will provide me with support and assistance. Emma saw Mrs. Weston's surprised expression, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine supplier, and felt that it was too much to think that he had a right to be interested in her at once in his speech and behavior. On her part, she felt unduly stimulated and offended, and for a moment did not know how to express herself directly. She could only stare at him, and she thought that such a look would surely bring him to his senses. Then she got up and left the sofa and went to a seat next to her sister. She was absorbed in talking with her sister. She had no time to find out how Mr. Elton received that condemnation, and another theme followed. Mr. John Knightley went outside to check on the weather and then returned to the house. He told everyone that the whole earth was covered with a layer of snow, and the snow was falling very fast, and the wind was blowing very hard. He concluded with Mr. Woodhouse in the following terms: Father, you will be the prelude to your energetic winter activities. Going through a snowstorm is a new thing for your coachman and horses. Poor Mr. Woodhouse was rendered speechless for a moment, but the others talked incessantly, and were either surprised or not surprised, asking questions or consoling. Mrs. Weston and Emma did their best to cheer him up and distract him from his son-in-law, who was pursuing him almost cruelly. "I admire your determination, father," he said, "to venture out in such weather conditions as this, when you must have seen that snow was just around the corner. Everyone also saw that it was going to snow. I admire your spirit, and I'm sure we won't have an accident when we get home. After an hour or two of snow, the road doesn't become impassable. Besides, I don't have two carriages, and even if one had an accident in the middle of the country and the other was close by, I'm sure we'd all be safe back to Hatfield's house before midnight. Mr. Weston admitted, in another triumphant tone, that he knew it was snowing, but did not breathe a word, lest Mr. Woodhouse should feel uncomfortable hearing it, lest it should be an excuse for him to leave early. It was only a joke to say how heavy the snow was and whether it would prevent them from going home. Instead, he was worried that they would not encounter any difficulties. He hoped that the road was really impassable, so that he could leave everyone at Landaus House. He assured them, with the utmost kindness, that there were enough lodgings for everyone, and then he beckoned to his wife for her approval. He said that with a little arrangement, everyone could stay, but she hardly knew how to arrange it, because there were only two empty rooms in the house. What to do, dear love? What to do? This was Mr. Woodhouse's first exclamation, and for a moment he could say nothing more. He looked at her, hoping for comfort. She assured him that they were safe,Nail machine manufacturer, that their horses were strong and good, that James was skilled, and that they were with so many friends. Only after hearing this did he recover a little. 3shardware.com