The Counterattack of the Goddess of Rebirth

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Fans pay for everything, which will only make the whole entertainment industry gradually go astray. Cloud Luo

Fans pay for everything, which will only make the whole entertainment industry gradually go astray. Cloud Luo refused directly, "I'm sorry, I won't give you an autograph, you have dropped out of school now, I feel that you should do the most at present, is to find a job." Yunluo's tone was cold. "You said you had grandparents. Although your parents were divorced, your grandparents raised you. I think you have the responsibility to earn money and provide for them." Instead of squatting here with nothing to do every day, doing everything possible to take pictures with stars, signing autographs, and satisfying their sense of superiority. Yunluo finished and left directly, leaving the girl staring at Yunluo with an innocent face. When the girl saw Yunluo go, she curled her mouth and looked like she was going to cry. She looked innocent, as if Yunluo had bullied her. What Yunluo didn't know was that the scene was captured by a gossip reporter. The reporter looked at the people in the camera, and he couldn't believe it. Can't believe his good luck, he didn't think he just came to take pictures with the first sister in Beijing, want to know the recent fire of the Internet celebrity, the first sister in Beijing, who will be the next star in the group photo? But did not expect to shoot, at present in the world, the most topical Yunluo director. Director Yunluo, this time she should come to China to promote her film Titanic. The news that Titanic earned more than $2 billion a month in Europe and the United States shocked the whole world. The news naturally came back to the country; Yunluo is a Chinese,phycocyanin spirulina, although she made movies in the United States and even had great achievements, she did not change her nationality because she was promising. This action has won the respect of many Chinese, and has gradually gained a great reputation in China. Especially after the release of Titanic in Europe and the United States, the rocket-like box office has made her reputation a qualitative improvement in China. Although the official website of Yunluo's Star River Film Production Company claims that Yunluo will go to China to promote the film Titanic in the near future, no one knows the exact date of its formation. Did not expect, unexpectedly let him this just entered the small reporter, photographed this scene, this is simply,turmeric extract powder, to fly up the rhythm ah! An absolute scoop! Moreover, Yunluo unexpectedly refused the request of the first sister in the capital, which was really too personalized. After the first sister in Beijing became popular, many stars had to cooperate for the sake of their reputation. The first sister in Beijing wanted to take a group photo and sign her name. Unexpectedly, Yunluo refused. The first sister in Beijing is a very popular Internet celebrity recently. She was young, dropped out of school soon, her parents divorced when she was young, and her grandparents raised her; Her family conditions were not good, and her grandparents were old. After she dropped out of school, she did not want to find a job and be self-reliant. Instead, they squat outside the airport all day, more competent than the paparazzi, chasing stars for autographs and photos to satisfy their pleasure. So many people say that she is the cancer of the Internet celebrity world, negative energy; The gossip reporter immediately sent the candid photos to his editor-in-chief. The gossip reporter's newspaper is just a tabloid, and his editor-in-chief is a middle-aged man in his 50s. Chapter 425 create brilliance again (10). The editor-in-chief of the small newspaper was in the office, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, crossing his legs and drinking tea leisurely. When his cell phone rang, he didn't take it seriously. He picked it up and looked at it casually. His eyes immediately straightened and his eyes shot out. Hot little eyes, almost to see through the picture on the phone. He kept murmuring, "Developed, developed..". It's going to be rich 。 ” The editor-in-chief did not dare to delay and immediately reported the news to the president; Then the newspaper people discussed, and in a twinkling of an eye, sold the news and pictures to a large media magazine, and got a good reward! Soon, the news that Yunluo, a famous Chinese director in Hollywood, arrived in Beijing today was widely spread on the Internet; Hollywood director Yun Luo, a chance encounter with a sister in the capital, in the face of the pleading of a sister in the capital, unexpectedly indifferent, did not give the first sister in Beijing, signature, photo! "First Sister in the capital, eat it!" "The first sister in the capital, the stalker's special effects failed, and the international director Yunluo didn't buy it!" As soon as the news was sent out, it immediately occupied the headlines of major websites! Many fans, when they saw it, said: "Welcome the goddess home!" "Goddess, welcome to Beijing!" "Goddess, welcome to China!" At the same time, he also expressed his expectation for the release of Titanic. Yunluo ignored the first sister in Beijing, did not sign or take photos with the first sister in Beijing, and many fans and fans also expressed their support. The first sister in Beijing was originally a cancer in the world of Internet celebrities, with negative energy, and many people have long disliked her laziness. Of course, there are also many people who say that Yunluo plays a big card! A lot of little fresh meat, as well as popular movie stars and the capital of a sister signed, a photo, with the exception of Yunluo, with what? But fans and fans immediately retorted: "Yunluo is a big name!"! Yunluo's first film broke the record and became a miracle in the history of film. Her second film, just one month after its release, grossed more than $2 billion. And more importantly, its momentum has not diminished. In the recent week, Europe and the United States have contributed nearly $700 million to Yunluo. This speed, almost catch up with the money printing machine! China is such a big market, if Titanic is released, its box office will be immeasurable. Yunluo naturally saw the news on the Internet. But she did not care, but continued to release a big bomb. That's the Titanic, which is about to arrive in the United States, and then the world exhibition begins! Tickets for the Titanic will go on sale on the official website of Star River Film Production Company in three days. Many fans and fans were shocked! "Oh my God!"! Tickets to the Titanic? I want, I want.. "Even if I tighten my belt this month, I will buy a ticket for the Titanic!" Many fans and fans even shouted to their boyfriends, "Honey,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, do you want to marry me?"? Then send me a ticket for the Titanic. "Honey, if you don't buy me a ticket to the Titanic, you don't love me!" 。