Sweeping the world

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Lord Bshah Bhaddin was in the collapsed section of the city wall just now, and if he had not been

Lord Bshah Bhaddin was in the collapsed section of the city wall just now, and if he had not been killed by the shell, he would have been buried after the collapse. Look at the appearance of this area, and then think of the collapse has been in the past ten minutes, save do not have to save, is absolutely dead. After the smoke cleared, the people in the city began to pour out from the gap, during which there was no lack of pushing and trampling. Some people fell down and felt their bodies being touched. They reached out and touched their hands or feet, but they could not see their bodies. It was obvious that there were people buried below. After the collapse of the walls and towers, the relevant personnel of Mirpur did not go to rescue the castellan who might still be alive, and they all thought of leaving the city quickly. Senior officials start running, followed by middle-level officials, waiting for grass-roots officials to find that senior officials and middle-level officials have begun to flee, they must join in the escape, and then the city is basically out of control. Once all the officials start running, even the most foolish people will know that the city is bound to be finished, and then a big wave of escape is basically doomed. More than 100 people have begun to land on their own. Wang Meng looked at Huan Wen with a firm face and asked, "Do you want the follow-up troops to keep up?" Wang Meng is talking about Lv Bing and others, this group of people can make their own wading landing channel,eye cream packing tube, although there will be some twists and turns in the process, but it is definitely much faster than building a ferry. ……” Huan Wen knew that Wang Meng had gone to Le Ke Sea before he came to meet him. He also knew that Wang Meng had specially learned about Liu Ming's condition. He was unhappy about it: "Yes!" Huan Wen had no opinion about Wang Meng himself, but he thought that Wang Meng had no experience in the battle of a large regiment, and did not dare to show rejection of the central (son of heaven) arrangement for Wang Meng to serve as the commander of the expeditionary fleet, but it was absolutely false to say that there was no other opinion. It took about half an hour for Lu Bing and others, who had been laying wooden boards and had been approaching the beach, to set foot on the thicker land. They did not rush to the city of Mirpur immediately after landing,plastic laminted tube, but explored the beach and reported the situation of the beach to the rear with semaphore. The seabed was covered with silt, the beachhead was also covered with mud, and if anything, it was some rotten wood and withered grass, and there was no sand or stone in sight. Confirming that there were still landing troops behind them, they began to advance towards the city, and when they got to a place with a wide view, they saw figures fleeing all over the wilderness. There was no blocking. Lu Bing looked at Zhou Zhuang and said, "It seems that there is no counterattack. Let's attack the city." Zhou Zhuang is not Lv Bing's immediate superior, but according to the battlefield rules of the Han army, a local area is either a person with a high rank or a person with a high title, generally they become battlefield commanders. Under the leadership of Zhou Zhuang, hundreds of people slowly approached the city. When they reached the periphery, plastic cosmetic tubes ,pump tube, they met the fleeing crowd and did not catch up with them. When they approached the edge of the city, they soon found the gap in the wall. Seeing their alien people, they seemed to hesitate in running away and kneeling to surrender. Some of them continued to flee, and more of them knelt on the ground. They are divided into two teams, one in and the other out in case of an accident. Lv Bing was assigned to the team that entered the city. They entered the city and went up the wall. They chose to erect the Han flag on the wall that had not collapsed on the edge of the gap. At the moment of the Han flag flying in ChengTou, the Han army on the sea sent out a cheer, whether it is Persian or not in the city, as long as it is not the Han people kneel on their knees! Chapter 1070 I have money, a house, strong, go! Although the powerful motherland behind him. Although there is still a huge fleet on the sea. Lv Bing stood on the steps of the castellan mansion and looked at the kneeling crowd in front of him, feeling very proud of himself in his heart! They submitted to a city with a hundred men, without even meeting decent resistance, entered the city and occupied the castellan's mansion. "This is the big fellow!" With his left hand holding the shield and his right hand holding the hilt at his waist, Lv Bing straightened his back and said, "Invincible big fellow!" Those who fell to their knees, each with his head buried deep in his crotch, were civilians in ordinary clothes, rich people in rich clothes, and soldiers in uniform. Whether they are suffocated or angry, or afraid and helpless, they kneel down in front of the invaders at this moment. Found the warehouse! "Move!" Gathering captives is not the first thing to do, they will first break down the enemy's resistance, and then look for the most valuable booty. Take the greatest risk, do the task that will get great merit, and if there is any pursuit, it is to find the booty. Of course, they can't keep all the booty for themselves, but even if they can only have 40%, it's not a small amount to distribute afterwards. Make a fortune. There are three boxes of gold coins and fourteen boxes of silver coins! They actually found a lot of gems and art trophies, but there is an agreed custom in the army, in addition to gold and silver. Perhaps to add copper, the rest of the categories of booty can not be divided absolutely will not be divided. Reason? After exceeding the value that the identity can hold, there is life to take and there is life to spend! Lu Bing opened one of the boxes containing gold coins and invaded one after another small round pieces of dim gold, each of which was a style with a figure's head. There should be about three hundred pieces. There are three boxes? Lv Bing grinned with joy: "Each person can be divided into about three pieces, plus silver coins..." Scraping the castellan mansion is just the beginning, the most beautiful place was their first to occupy, followed by the target of the Han army into the city should be the rest of the official mansion and the rich in the city. They did not attack Mirpur to capture the city, and in fact, unless they put in enough troops, they could not hold it in the counterattack behind Sassan. When the navy attacked the city, in addition to fighting a major invasion campaign, the landing force captured and established a bridgehead,plastic laminated tube, and continued to attack inland, otherwise the navy was more of a plundering type of war. The ferry has not yet been built, but the follow-up troops are entering the city in batches. emptycosmetictubes.com