Grave Robbers Tomb Miscellany Author: Red Beaver

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As soon as Zhang Rui's voice fell, I also heard that kind of loud and ethereal voice. At first, it sounded like

As soon as Zhang Rui's voice fell, I also heard that kind of loud and ethereal voice. At first, it sounded like Zhang Rui had misjudged, because after listening to the voice for a while, it felt like it came from the surface of the rock wall, as if something was gnawing at the rock wall. Many people, like me, looked at the stone wall. Because the cave has the function of diffusing sound, it is impossible to distinguish the direction and distance of the sound source. Soon after, the noise became louder, and by this time it was clear that it was the sound of a large number of waves beating against the rock wall. Judging from the sound, it seemed that a rather amazing torrent was coming towards us. Within a few seconds, the speculation was confirmed. Sod head is holding miner's lamp to go to our left, illuminate along aqueduct go out, cry suddenly: "Mom, what is this?!" "It's a mountain torrent!" I heard a cry from Zhang Rui, and then he came to me and dragged me to the other side of the waterway. I said handsome Zhang was a good man, and he didn't forget to take me with him when he ran for his life. It's a pity that my legs are weak. I just sat for a while and didn't recover. Brother Zhang's legs are like fleet-footed legs. I was dragged by him to kneel down after running a few steps. My heart says, little brother, if you are really kind,Concealed Flush Valve, carry Lao Tzu to run! At the same time, I looked back and saw that the others had run ahead of us at some point, and behind me was the torrent. The huge torrent with a large amount of mountain mud blocked the whole cave, and the billowing waves were all mud-colored, like a ferocious beast opening its big mouth to swallow me. I thought it might be nature's retribution for these grave robbers. The question is, why did you take me with you! "Zhang Rui," I said,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, "I can't run any more." Zhang Rui looked back at me. By this time I felt the waves hitting my back, and then a huge force of water sucked me back. I also want to say a few words to Zhang Rui, because he may be the last person I see in my life. But I didn't say a word, and a lot of spray hit me like a hammer, which made me feel dull pain all over my body. I wanted to scream, but my mouth quickly filled with water, and the current immediately swept me into the waterway. I couldn't control my body at all. I was pulled around by the current, and my stomach turned upside down. Zhang Rui was also involved in the waterway because of his relationship with me. I gave a wry smile and closed my eyes. At that time, there was no need to panic, only to feel that being rushed back and forth might go all the way to hell. Suddenly, I felt a hand grab my ankle with amazing force, and the touch of my skin was cold. Startled, I opened my eyes. The flashlight was still held tightly in my hand, I took the flashlight to shine, Self-closing Faucet ,Time Delay Tap, rolling up the muddy water, a white face came out, almost close to my nose! I opened my mouth to scream, but forgot that I was in the water. Immediately, my nasal cavity and mouth were filled with mud, which made my trachea and throat seem to be torn open. The pain was so painful that I wanted to scream but couldn't, so I could only kick in a hurry. And the "guy" climbed up my back very flexibly and stuck to me tenaciously, unable to break free. The volume of that thing is quite big, stick to my whole back, seem to want to hoop me! Then my waist was strangled by a hand and my mouth was covered. Damn, that ghost is really after me! I struggled for a while, and finally I was exhausted and fell into darkness. The white coat said that I had been asleep for two days before, and it was just a short dream for me. I guess I'm dead now. Life is too short. This time, I may have an endless dream. 100,000 corpses "Is he dead?" I heard someone ask. No response, I guess I'll be dead soon. This man is so ***ing heartless. I told you he shouldn't have followed us in. I recognized the voice of Brother Zhang. Get out of the way, all of you! Dead or not, I'll know after the test! This is the white coat talking, he has been chirping, listening to the tone is easy to distinguish. I felt a heat in my mouth, as if someone was blowing into my mouth. The man was a heavy smoker, and the breath that came in, with the smell of smoky tobacco, spread from my mouth to my throat, and was very overbearing. I am stupefied, open an eye, the face of white coat is pressing Lao Tzu's nose almost, laugh at me thief: "Look, this is to wake up!" This face is more terrible than the white face seen in the muddy water before. Dizzy, I pushed him away and wiped my mouth. "What are you doing?!" "Artificial respiration!" The white coat justifiably defended his behavior just now. I spit a few mouthfuls of saliva: "You can't think of some other way to wake me up!"! Artificial respiration, are you sick? "Hey, I have a first aid license." The white coat lifted his coat, which had been stained with mud and turned brown and yellow, and took out a red book and shook it at me. "Medical spirit has no national boundaries, no racial discrimination, no gender boundaries. I don't feel sick. What are you sick of? It's really a good man who has no good reward!" I didn't want to argue. I just turned my head away. The white coat is louder than me, and it's boring to shout at him. When I recovered, I was really relieved that I was still alive. Now that I'm alive, what about the ghost? I felt my neck and remembered that I had been haunted by the "ghost" before, and I still had a lingering fear. Zhang Rui came over and patted me on the shoulder: "Is it all right?" "Mmm." I nodded. "Thank you for saving me." "We didn't save you. You were lying here when we climbed ashore." Zhang Rui took a flashlight and shone it at the bottom of the slope. "It may have been washed here by the torrent." Now only Zhang Rui's flashlight is on, and it is dark all around, as if in a dark space that extends infinitely, and the darkness seems to be squeezing over and engulfing us completely at any time, which feels very uncomfortable. We were on a slope,Flush valve price, and there was a sound of water coming from below. The sound was very small, indicating that the water here was flowing very slowly. Zhang Rui took a flashlight and looked around. I saw a flat cave. The top of the cave was very close to us, but the width was very wide. We were like in a huge shell.