How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

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How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Consider relaxing at home by turning your backyard into an outdoor living space. A growing trend in recent years, outdoor living has become an even more popular pastime as more and more people are cutting back on their vacationing budgets. Adding an outdoor living room with attractive plants, interesting lighting and comfortable patio furniture is an extremely affordable way to extra living space to your home. Perfect for entertaining, you can quickly and will easily find yourself entertaining, vacationing and relaxing at home. Here's how you can turn your backyard into a little slice of heaven.


EXPLORE YOUR YARD - Take a long leisurely walk around your back yard and look for just the right spot to place your Outdoor Living Contractor room. If you have a patio or deck, you may wish to create it there. But don't limit yourself. All you need is a level, interesting, cozy corner of your yard that will lend itself well to patio furniture, a fire pit and whatever you decide to add.


LIGHTING - If you will be using your outdoor living space during the day, pay attention to how the sun may impact your comfort level. Make sure it has the amount of sun and shade that will work well in your climate. For night time use, you will want to add attractive outdoor lighting that will make your space perfect for evening entertaining.


Add a string of white holiday lights to your deck railing or your or around the edge of an umbrella. Torches and insect repellent candles will provide light as well as protection from bothersome bugs. A ceramic fire pit or a chiminea is wonderful for relaxing in your outdoor living area during cooler months. Cluster your patio furniture so all will benefit from the light and ambiance of the crackling flames.


PLANTS - Decorate your outdoor living space with plants and flowers. You don't need to buy expensive planters. Outdoor living invites creativity. Looking around your house for interesting containers, such as baskets you don't use anymore, old glass jars and simply fill them with dirt and add vine and flowering plants. Set the plants in clusters around your patio furniture like you would accent the inside of your home with magazine holders, etc.