We examined other defensive errors the Raiders made this season

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There are times Madden 23 coins when Madden NFL 23 players confront each other. The Raiders often play this way! In fact they were ranked number. 11 on the Madden NFL 23 in total defense this year. (No. 11 -- the pillars?)

However, on this play, you can see that Raiders defence is just so sloppy there are only two possibilities one of which is the football explanation at the top of the page, OR, the Raiders are playing a poor defensive game to show their complete adherence to the shadowy cabal known as the Illuminati. It is in charge of every aspect of our lives.

We examined other defensive errors the Raiders made this season, and we believe Averidge is on to something. Look at the following Adrian Peterson 80-yard touchdown run and tell me if an genuine Madden NFL 23 defense wouldn't let Peterson reach the finish zone so quickly. Note how the Raiders line up in an Illuminati triangle formation along with the referee instead of trying to tackle Peterson.

I'm convinced that the entire scene speaks for everything in the scene. When the TD run is over, the TD run, Peterson gets on Buy Madden 23 coins the surface to salute Baphomet whose visage appears at the top area of the monitor.