What Do You Know About Watches Plating?

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We can see many of the metal materials can also make bright colors, and have a strong texture and long-lasting color. In fact, this is a process in the watch making process, the professional name of the Watches Supplier is electroplating. Don't look at this seemingly simple production process, there are many types of plating. So what are the electroplating processes for watches? What is its characteristic? Watch manufacturers give you our professional answers!

Luxury Watches Manufacturer tell you that the electroplating process of watches is roughly divided into two types: vacuum plating and water plating.

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Vacuum plating is carried out in a closed ultra low pressure vessel and is a physical process. Common plating: IPS, IPG, IP black, IP gun, IPR.

Water plating is carried out in water plating in an electroplating bath of an aqueous solution and is an electrochemical process. Common are: PNP, PCP, white copper tin, white complex, AG, rose gold.

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The manufacturing process is different, and the color retention is different. The watch manufacturer tells you that vacuum plating is more than 6 months to two years longer than water plating, so vacuum plating is more expensive than water.

Electroplating is divided into ordinary electroplating and vacuum electroplating. Ordinary electroplating refers to the traditional electric plating method, and vacuum electroplating is an electroplating process that is upgraded on the basis of ordinary electroplating. Compared with ordinary electroplating, vacuum plating has no pollution to the environment, is a environmental protection process, no harm to the operator, firm plating, good film density, uniform corrosion resistance and high wear resistance! In general, vacuum plating has a long color retention time, is not easy to fade, and is environmentally friendly.

Vacuum plating is divided into two different plating methods: in furnace plating and outside furnace plating.

We hope the above points on the watch plating process can help you know more about our plating, we will solve every problem for our customers wholeheartedly. If you want to know more about watch, please feel free to consult the Swiss Watch Factory!