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"I don't own the house alone. Don't talk nonsense."

"I don't own the house alone. Don't talk nonsense." Gu Zeyan waited for the cat to excrete after eating. Hearing this, he had a meal in his hand. He couldn't help thinking of the boy's obvious wrong appearance recently. He looked at himself now like a living alien. He was confused, self-denied, and then more confused. There were black eyes that obviously didn't sleep well. He didn't know where the problem was. Really? I saw the photo on the forum. You are very kind to him. "I'm good to you, and I'm good to the cat." Glancing at him, Gu Zeyan dipped the cotton ball in water to wipe the cat's excrement. Angefei raised his eyebrows noncommittally. As an experienced person, I feel that "" "Those who have failed have no voice." A word pokes in the soft rib, Angefei shyly shuts up, then depressed mood, goes to find the cat's trouble. Don't play with it. "I'll say goodbye to it." “……” "How to understand deconstruction?" "Upside down, break up, regroup." "Yes, it opens from the inside, thus producing a deformed shape, so it should not be this form of decoration from the outside to the inside, which looks beautiful, but ignores the real deconstruction." Luo Yu pointed to the effect of the sketch on the deliberate tilt of the villa wall,Grey Marble Slab, a period of hard work was mercilessly beaten back to its original shape, but it is irrefutable. I'll revise it again. Yuechen nodded, his tone was calm, and the two dark circles near his eyes made his face a little less cold. Luo Yu saw the tired look of him struggling to cheer up. What's going on recently? You can talk to me if you don't mind. How can I say that I can't sleep over such a perverted thing as drawing a man in the middle of the night? No, thank you Zhi. Teacher Yue Chen was so absent-minded that he almost said his usual name behind his back. He was startled and suddenly stopped. As a result, he bit his tongue. At noon, the canteen is full of people. Xiong Ping while eating his own chicken legs,Stone Honeycomb Panel, while looking at the opposite silent rice department flower, that more and more obvious black eye, the spirit of depression, if not know that Yuechen does not mess up the relationship between men and women, he really suspected that this boy indulged in excessive sex. I said you've been wrong recently. What are you thinking about? Yue Chen shook his head. Nothing. How can I say that I can't sleep because of the abnormal thing of drawing a man in the middle of the night. The two are usually together in class, and Xiong Ping is racking his brains to see if there are any strange things recently. Suddenly on the back was a pat, one breath almost did not come down, Zhao Lanyi played a meal to sit next to him, nodded to Yuechen to say hello, and then noticed that the other side like wilting, listless. Why do you look so bad? What's up How can I say that I can't sleep because of the abnormal thing of drawing a man in the middle of the night. Yuechen made a random excuse. Stay up late drawing these days. "Really?" Zhao Lanyi obviously did not believe that physical fatigue and preoccupation were obviously different. Bite is just the tip of the tongue, eat rice to chew every time is torture, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Carrara Marble Slab, Yuechen poked two mouthfuls of rice, really no appetite, chopsticks a put, "what else can be ah, we have a professional saying, dying in the sick sit up, that person is catching up with the picture." As soon as the words were said, the tip of the tongue against the teeth was even more burning and painful. In addition, the quality of sleep was poor, and he did not adapt to the strange feeling of someone. The double torture of physiology and psychology made Yuechen impetuous. He did not want to vent his anger on others. He was trying to restrain himself and let Xiong Ping, a pig, walk away with a whole chicken leg that he could not eat. At that time, his cell phone rang. It's Gu Zeyan. Yuechen suddenly has a kind of ultimate BOSS coming. Fear. He answered the phone and muttered something. Hello "What's wrong with your voice?" The other end of the phone was keenly aware of his weakness. Anyway, what's the matter with you recently? Are you stimulated again? You are the culprit, and you have the nerve to ask me. Yuechen was almost driven mad, this one is very observant, he seems to have been driven by others to accept the trial, must get a verdict, instinctively want to escape, but was pushed closer and closer. "Why are you calling me?" "Can I have a cat at home?" The author has something to say: So lonely, so hard to get a collection and a message?! Tired and don't love.. Chapter 50 Chapter 50 drinking. Why do you suddenly have a cat? Do you feel lonely or idle? Yuechen neither likes nor hates cats and dogs, but it's always a trouble to come out of thin air. It's best to avoid it. Of course, we should defend our legitimate rights. I, I do whatever you want. Xiong Ping looked annoyed when he hung up the phone and wanted to bite off his tongue. Who is it? "No one." "No one. What are you nervous about?" How can I be nervous? Why do you talk so much? You ate my drumstick and you talk so much? Spit it out! “…… Yuechen, I said, would you like to go to the hospital? "You think so?" He said too much in one breath, and the tip of his tongue ached faintly. Yuechen really considered Xiong Ping's opinion. Maybe he should go to see the facial features or something. Yeah, neurology. "You say I'm out of my mind?" Zhao Lanyi finally finished the discordant meal and repaired the knife without changing his face. Xiong Ping, what you said is not accurate. Neurology is to see the problems of the nervous system, such as cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral palsy. Yuechen should see a psychiatrist to treat schizophrenia, depression, hallucination and anxiety disorders. "Zhao Lanyi!" A huge lift of the table, attracted the people around have looked askance, the Department of Architecture Department flowers in the haggard depression for several days, finally stormed away. It is reasonable to say that this kind of joke, as a 21-year-old calm and calm normal youth, should not be serious, but Zhao Lanyi casually said that the four symptoms, really each accurately poked his sore spot. The fantasy man causes the brain essence to produce two villains to quarrel,Calacatta Quartz Slab, finally causes the static to be melancholy, moves the anxious disease. At the other end, Gu Zeyan thought about it. I'd better not take it. "Why?" Angefei lazily smoothed the cat's hair and was about to kick one cat out when he heard the bad news and sat up straight on the sofa. He refused? 。