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However, when Zhao Yu came to live down,

However, when Zhao Yu came to live down, he found that this place is really rural ah! Said to be a small town, in fact, can also be regarded as a small village, a total of less than 200 households, less than a thousand people, not as many people as Zhao Yulai used to live in that community. So that Zhao Yulai often walks out of the door for twenty minutes without seeing anyone. No wonder Luo Jiarong said he chose a good place. Great! Not even a person, not afraid of being recognized at all. Now Zhao Yulai gets up at seven o'clock every day, washes up, goes out jogging for an hour, and when he comes back, he bites a few frozen steamed buns in the microwave oven and drinks a cup of coffee with them. Although Zhao Yulai likes steamed buns and coffee in particular, he has to admit that this combination is a bit ferocious. But no way, let him eat cheese bread every morning, he is a little unbearable, and the soybean milk machine turns out too much soybean milk, he can not finish a meal, throw away some waste, the point is that he does not like to drink soybean milk! Who can give him a bowl of fried liver? Ten times the price! If you really can't, you can have a bowl of Langang rice noodles,pietra gray marble, but there is no one. After breakfast, Zhao Yulai turned on the computer and began to brush micro-blog and entertainment news. He had no choice but to get used to it for many years. Although Gu Qiang had seen and picked up important things to tell him in recent years, he always felt a little uncomfortable when he didn't know what had happened in the circle of male thieves and female thieves. So every morning, Zhao Yulai's mind is probably lying trough, Qu Gan that idiot has changed his girlfriend, this is uglier than the last one! Chi Yingjie is going to come back and release a new album. I know it's like this. He said that sending a group photo is a feeling of the days with me. Bullshit! I just want to brush my popularity. That silly girl, Ally, is pregnant! Or twins! I knew she was so stupid that she must be able to give birth! Fortunately,Marble Projects, there is no need to send a red envelope, the new Jin Xiaohua cried that Xu Wen played a big card to bully her, Xu Wen this eight-line actress has no card, play a fart ah! Didn't Xu Wen sign Huadian? Is yuan Zongchao's public relations department right? This kind of news also makes people send it! But it doesn't matter, this idiot woman who doesn't know where to come from is finished, Shen Qing will kill her. Then Oh, my God, Qin's big project is finally back to work. Hey! One one zero? Hurry to the scene of Huayao Resumption Ceremony, there are hooligans! On the rostrum, wearing a three-piece suit and a tie on a hot day, the good son of the nation, you go to pull down his pants to see, he promised to wear a t-back inside, or purple! This change | state has a change | state hobby, Marble Granite Price ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, that is, the color of the t-back should be the same as the tie! There are so many leaders sitting in the back. It's not serious. Hurry to arrest him. Uh, I accidentally turned to the financial section. Turn it back. Ouyang Qingqing decided to quit the next season's Immortal Coffee House? It must be her brother's agent who gave her a bad idea. Making movies is lofty, but TV series is the fastest way to brush popularity, not to mention such a popular film! In this way, the morning passed casually. At about 12:30, Zhao Yulai would drag his heavy legs to the only restaurant in town for lunch. It was hamburger, French fries, pie and pecan pie every day. Even Zhao Yulai, who had been eating takeout for more than ten years and was basically not picky about food, felt a little unbearable. It's not that he hasn't thought about hiring a chef, but his face, which has just made headlines, is a little recognizable among Chinese, and he doesn't want to take risks. Zhao Yulai, who drags his legs home after lunch, usually stays in the gym for an hour. This kind of diet is not delicious and easy to get fat. I really don't know how the people of Midi eat for a lifetime. If it's for the Capricorn man who barbecues spicy crayfish in hot pot, Zhao Yulai will be fat. After all, he's not retired. He should have nothing to do with his beer belly. But I can't stand the thought that all the meat that grows out is changed from hamburgers. Coming out of the gym, Zhao Yulai usually carries his fishing bag to the nearby lake to fish until sunset. Dinner, usually Zhao Yulai has to continue to drag his legs to the restaurant to eat, really can not bear, he will cook half a bag of frozen dumplings at home. A week later, Zhao Yulai picked up a white kitten, which was actually quite strange. The town was so big that he had never seen a white female cat. Where did the kitten come from. This cat is really small, pitifully squatting on the roadside, meowing at Zhao Yulai, the voice is so small that Zhao Yulai could not hear it at all if it were not quiet around half a person and half a car. It is precisely because there are no people or cars around, Zhao Yulai felt that if he ignored the kitten, the kitten might have gone to heaven when he passed by again tomorrow. So he squatted down and held out his hand. He just wanted to pinch the kitten's paw, but the kitten quickly climbed up his hand and climbed up his arm. Zhao Yulai's silk shirt was soon scratched by the cat's claws, but the kitten did not care, regardless of the still climbing up, has been climbing to Zhao Yulai's shoulder, continue to meow. Listening to the meowing on the side of his ears and looking at the broken sleeve of his shirt, Zhao Yulai laughed and scolded: "Little change!" A long tune, meow. Zhao Yulai took the kitten to the only pet shop in the town. The owner of the pet shop was a white man in his thirties named Buck. As he was delousing the kitten, Buck asked, "What's the name of this cute little guy?" "State." "Is he male or female?" Asked Zhao Yulai. "It's a little girl." "So you're going to keep her," said Buck. "She's a lucky girl." "Mmm." Zhao Yulai stretched out his sleeve and said, "She scratched my clothes and had to sell herself to pay for my clothes." "Don't worry too much. She'll break more of your things later, if you're really going to keep her." Buck said with a smile. Half an hour later, Zhao Yulai returned home with his attitude in Buck's car. Buck took out the cat nest, cat toilet, cat rack, cat scratch board, cat bag,Slate Wall Panel, cat grass, cat food, canned cat and teasing stick from the car. He helped Zhao Yulai move them into the house and put them away one by one. I will contact the worker to open a pet door on your door tomorrow morning. Said Buck. Thank you. Do you know if there's a smaller GPS that you can hang around her neck so she doesn't get lost? Zhao Yu said. forustone.com