Jianghu is full of local tyrants.

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"Shut up." Shen Qianling is very sharp.

"Shut up." Shen Qianling is very sharp. Qin Shaoyu smiled and reached out to pinch his cheek. The strong man was on his way and thinking, so he didn't pay any attention to the two men in front of him until he heard a little exclamation in his ear. Do what. Shen Qianling blushed slightly, "I was seen." Qin Shaoyu coughed twice and looked at the sky. The strong man naturally knew who these two people were, originally only heard that they had gone to the Dujie Temple, but did not expect to meet here, so the whole person was stiff for a moment. This brother. Qin Shaoyu handed him an ingot of silver, "can you pretend that you didn't see anything just now?" “…… From, naturally. The strong man quickly adjusted and took the silver. "Are you the Lord of the Qin Palace?" Qin Shaoyu nodded. The strong man said with a simple and honest smile, "It's really extraordinary." "I'm flattered." Qin Shaoyu smiled and turned sideways to make way for him. The strong man left in a hurry after thanking him. Qin Shaoyu pinched Shen Qianling's nose. "This man is not very good at acting. It seems that only his lower body can be used." Shen Qianling embarrassed for a moment, but some curious, "why?"? I think he did a good job. Apart from being a little nervous at the beginning, it has been very natural since then! It's a good thing you didn't become a director, otherwise you would have been put in a sack. Just picky. Chapter 59-unruly little people! "It's far worse than Ling's acting." Qin Shaoyu asked him, "along the way, how do ordinary people react when they see you?" Shen Qianling said, "naturally it is very enthusiastic." "That's right.". But the man just now didn't react at all when he saw you. He didn't even look twice. Qin Shaoyu said,Small Geared Motors, "this is the biggest abnormality." Shen Qianling said, "is that why?"? The world is so big that not everyone will be interested in me. "But it won't be like he just did." Qin Shaoyu said, "It's like you're walking and suddenly you meet a goblin head-on. Although you may not like it, even if it's just out of curiosity, you always want to see more." Shen Xiao was angry, "you are the goblin!" Can't you change the metaphor? Can you speak? Have you ever been to a private school! "What's wrong with goblins?" Qin Shaoyu laughed,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, "I wish Ling Er really turned into a leprechaun, pestering her husband every day to suck the blood." Shen Qianling:.. Shaoxia, you are obviously giving up the rhythm of treatment completely. Choo. The hairball crouches in the tree, slightly bored. Shen Qianling reached out and called it into his arms, then asked Qin Shaoyu, "what should we do now?" "Walk around and maybe you'll find something." Qin Shaoyu said, "Although it is not clear what is going on for the time being, according to this battle, it is estimated that Zhou Jue has been preparing for a period of time, and there should be no shortage of people lying in ambush here." "I really want to meet that Chou Jue." Shen Qianling walked down the hill hand in hand with him, "I think he is not a simple person." "What are you doing with him?" Qin Shaoyu immediately became unhappy, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, "and not good-looking." "That's right." Shen Qianling immediately nodded, "I just want to see how ugly he is, and maybe he is also very obscene." Qin Shaoyu was in a better mood. Maybe not even one in ten thousand of you. Shen Qianling is very serious. Qin Shaoyu raised the corners of his mouth. Tired Shen Qianling smiled and lay on his back, "carry me down the hill." Qin Shaoyu readily agreed and was in a very good mood. So to be able to marry the Lord of the Qin Palace, who is a headache for Chu yuan, Shen Xiaoshou still has two brushes. The foot of the mountain is much more lively than the mountain. Qin Shaoyu pulled him to sit on the stall and asked for two bowls of laver wonton. Around the people are in a good mood, go out to eat a meal can meet Shen Childe, this shows that this year will be good weather. Yes, this causal relationship can hardly be more reasonable, and there is no doubt at all. Did you find anyone suspicious? Shen Qianling asked in a low voice. Have Qin Shaoyu nodded. So soon? Shen Qianling was startled. Do you want to know who it is? The corners of Qin Shaoyu's mouth curved. You have to want to know. Shen Xiao was alerted, "what are the shameless conditions?" Qin Shaoyu said, "I haven't thought about it yet, or will Ling promise me first?" When Shen Qianling heard this, he was angry. "Isn't that a great loss for me?" What if you want to go to the roof? Let me think about it first. "Qin Shaoyu is not in a hurry to pick up small shrimps for the hairball." He is not in a hurry. " Of course you're not in a hurry. I'm the one who's in a hurry, okay! Had it not been for the fact that there were too many people with bright eyes around him, Shen Qianling almost wanted to shake him-keeping him in suspense was the most abominable thing, and he would become a eunuch! "Do you agree?" Qin Shaoyu asked again. …… Then you mustn't ask too much. Shen Qianling said, "don't force me either." "Good." Qin Shaoyu nodded briskly, and then said discontentedly, "It's too late to be distressed. When did I force you?" None of this is the point. Shen Qianling blew a small wonton and just planned to put it into the small plate of hairball. As a result, his man consciously bowed his head and ate it into his mouth. Hairball was too busy eating shrimps to see it, so he didn't get angry! But the onlookers all saw it! So everyone immediately burst into tears, really worthy of Shen Gongzi, so virtuous and virtuous, simply should be recorded in the annals of history, as a good wife model for everyone to learn. It tastes good. Qin Shaoyu was very satisfied, "blow one more." Dream! Shen Xiao urged him, "hurry up and find out who it is." "I'll take that as a promise." Qin Shaoyu pinched his nose and said, "Did you see the grocery man carrying the load outside?" "Mmm." Accompany him to walk the rivers and lakes for many years, Shen Qianling has been very good at pretending to be casual, eyebrows and eyes are still smiling, as if they were saying cute little love words, "Why?" "When I came in just now, I accidentally saw his basket, which was full of red and green hairpin jewelry." Qin Shaoyu said, "that's why you say there's a problem." "Is there a problem with hairpin jewelry?" Shen Qianling didn't understand, "hidden weapon?" Qin Shaoyu laughed,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, "think too much, that's just some ordinary gadgets." Shen Qianling was even more puzzled, "then how can you say there is a problem?" 。 ichgearmotor.com