Dead Man System

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Speaking of this, everyone looked at Chu Tianming gratefully.

Speaking of this, everyone looked at Chu Tianming gratefully. If it weren't for the teenager in front of them, they would have become the meal of those mutant ants now. See the eyes of the people, Chu Tianming also just smiled, everyone saved each other, is also even, if not for them to hold the group of mutant ants for Chu Tianming, he is also very difficult to escape there, the situation at that time, only Chu Tianming himself knows best, there is no soul curse, no these people for him to hold other mutant ants, he would have died there! Of course, these Chu Tianming did not say, some things we understand on the line, there is no need to put on the mouth. After a little thought in his heart, Chu Tianming basically understood the identity of the pedestrian. Before the end of the day, he had heard that Chu Yun, the monitor of Class 1, Grade 2, had a mixed father. At the beginning, it sounded like a kind of rumor, which was nothing more than a rumor spread by everyone. But now it seems that this thing is really not a rumor, but true! It is said that Chu Yun's father, Chu Wen, is the leader of the largest organization in Huayao City, so it is reasonable for him to send such a group of people armed with guns to find his daughter. Just Chu Tianming heart doubt, is their organization in the early days of the end of the few people become zombies? How can it still exist? Of course, these questions Chu Tianming is not easy to ask them, after all, this is an internal matter of others, if he is an outsider to ask at random, it will only make people feel that he is very impolite. Chapter 64 go three and leave two. Some readers responded that it was unreasonable to add more according to the total recommendation, so this week's plan was changed to add more according to the weekly recommendation. Every 400 weeks of recommendation, Mi Sha added more chapters. If you want to see the number of weekly recommendations, please click on the'Works Information 'on the page. Now the weekly recommendation is 122, which is 278 recommended tickets from the first chapter. Then Mi Sha will directly add more, whether it is today or tomorrow. In the past, readers responded that today they were short of ten or twenty votes and failed to add more, and tomorrow they will have to accumulate again. Now they don't need it, today they don't need it, and tomorrow they will continue to accumulate on the basis of yesterday. Of course, Mi Sha hopes to add more chapters every day! Chu Tianming knew the names of these people from Lai Ge, who was the leader of the group. The wolf and the rubber had their own powers. Although both of their powers were auxiliary, they were also quite practical. After a short rest, the main reason is that they just ran out of strength, face detection android , so they need to rest, Chu Tianming himself did not feel tired at all, and the waist wound has scarred, I believe it will not take long to recover. Chu Tianming is quite satisfied with his ability to recover. Such a serious wound will scar in just ten or twenty minutes. It seems that when he gets up tomorrow morning, there will probably be only scars left. Can Chu Tianming not be satisfied with such a terrible recovery speed! They rested for about ten minutes, and their physical strength was almost recovered, so Lai Ge directly called the wolf to use his ability again and began to look for the whereabouts of Chu Yun. 'Sniff ~ ' The wolf's nose shrugged a few times, and then his eyes lit up. Yes, it's just north of us, about three kilometers away from us! Cried the wolf. Hearing that the wolf had found Chu Yun's whereabouts, Lai Ge immediately called for the crowd to reorganize their equipment and prepare to set out. Naturally, Chu Tianming would go with them, after all, his friend Wu Gaofeng was also with Chu Yun. Hiding all the way, see a single zombie with a powerful pistol equipped with a silencer to solve, if encountered a large group of zombies, they will directly escape or simply detour. It took almost half an hour to walk three kilometers. Of course, this is also because Chu Tianming did not make a move, if he made a move, we would not have to make a detour. However, the injured Chu Tianming did not want to do strenuous exercise, plus killing these level 3 zombies can not get any experience, so along the way Chu Tianming is basically a spectator. Half an hour later, the crowd quietly arrived at the location of Chu Yun in the wolf's mouth, which was a commercial street with shops selling all kinds of goods on both sides of the street. Soon, the wolf shook his nose and sniffed a few more times, and then led the crowd into a roadside shop selling sportswear. The huge floor glass of the shop was broken, and most of the clothes and shoes in the shop fell to the ground. Chu Tianming picked up a good-looking dress, changed his ragged clothes, and watched Lai Ge open the wooden door of the warehouse, followed by a sound of smashing things. Don't be afraid, young lady, it's us! Lai Ge's unique voice came from inside, and after a while, Lai Ge came out with Chu Yun, who was in a mess all over his body. Chu Tianming fixed his eyes on it and saw that Liu Jin's figure was missing. He couldn't help asking, "Where is Liu Jin?" Chu Yun three people heard Chu Tianming's words, immediately two women began to cry, in the end or as a man Wu Gaofeng appeared calm, although his eyes are full of fear, but still with a slightly trembling tone began to explain up. It turned out that after they left Chu Tianming to escape, they unfortunately met a small group of zombies who were looking for food. As a result, the four of them began to escape in a panic, but the physical quality of the four of them was not the opponent of the zombies, and soon they were caught up. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Wu Gaofeng, who had recovered some magic, used ice archery to kill a zombie and caused some minor chaos. Then the four of them took the opportunity to run into a car on the side of the road. Then Wu Gaofeng took them all the way, but there were broken cars everywhere on the road. The speed could not be raised at all. They did not run far before they hit each other. And behind those zombies are still in hot pursuit, and finally in the escape, Liu Jin accidentally fell to the ground, was scratched by the debris of the car on the ground.