Don't forget each other (end)

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When Mrs. Pei got the letter, she took Pei Lan's mother

When Mrs. Pei got the letter, she took Pei Lan's mother, Aunt Hu, from the garden. Looking through the window under the porch, she saw a girl sitting in front of Pei Zhen's bed. Her body was slender, her hair was like a cloud, and there was a silver bun in her bun, showing half of her pink face and neck. What she carried was a person like a water onion. Mrs. Pei liked it and said, "Amitabha, my brother Zhen has picked up half of his life!" When she entered the room, the girl looked back, got up again, took the little girl next to her, and gave her a blessing. The servant girl holding the bowl said, "Girl, this is my wife and aunt." "I don't want to say hello to Auntie Hu again." Pay my respects to your wife and grandmother. Mrs. Pei and Aunt Hu exchanged glances and praised her, describing her as neither humble nor pushy, but like a young lady of a big family! Mrs. Pei quickly shook her hand and said, "It's really a pity for the girl. Brother Zhen, who didn't live up to our expectations, made such a trip. The doctor said that he was angry in the chest and accompanied by evil fire. The decoction was useless. It had to be solved by the girl. That's why Brother Lan came to invite the girl. Don't blame us for being abrupt." "It doesn't matter," said Wu Wangwang. "That's what I should have done. I'm ashamed to ask my wife to say it." Auntie Hu had a square stool with a girdle waist and three bent legs brought to her and said, "Madam and the girl sit down and talk.". "Although the disease is very serious,temperature screening kiosk, now that the girl has come, there is always a way to solve it. Don't worry, madam." Don't look up at the woman, more than thirty years old, long face, not beautiful, face leisurely, not as acerbic as the general concubine,outdoor digital signage displays, it is very comfortable. Then look at Mrs. Pei, white and fat, facial features are kind, unexpectedly like a Maitreya Buddha, with Pei Zhen is not like, do not look at the heart of doubt, is Pei Zhen not a legitimate? Mrs. Pei looked at Pei Zhen and said, "How is it now?"? It's like sweating. Auntie Hu said, "It's going to be better after sweating. Maybe it's too empty to wake up now. The girl is really a noble person. It's going to be better when she comes." Mrs. Pei said to Wu Wang, "I'm still bothering the girl to take care of him. This stubborn man has caused trouble to the girl. We feel sorry for him, but now we can't. I'm sorry to the girl." Wu Wangdao said, "Grandpa is kind to my family. Don't say he is a benefactor, but the neighbors should do their best. Chun Jun will go when he is ready." "Well, the girl has the heart of a Bodhisattva, and she has such a good character and appearance. It's strange that my idiot is thinking about it." Mrs. Pei sighed and said, "We also know that we can't force a marriage. Brother Zhen also has a big one in his room. He asked the girl to be wronged by him. He just asked the girl to take a long view for the sake of his sincerity." Don't look down and don't say a word. Since ancient times, temperature scanning kiosks ,digital signage kiosk, there has been no man's mother who has sought a concubine for her son. She has lost her courtesy and status. She is faintly annoyed. She knows that she has been wronged and asked for it. Isn't it self-contradictory! It's not good to have an attack at the moment. Pei Zhen was so sick that he talked about it in front of his bed. He was afraid of adding to his illness, so he had to endure it and said, "Chunjun's marriage is decided by his uncle and aunt. I'm a girl's family, and I dare not make up my mind. Today I'm here for the childe's illness. I'm afraid it's not good to say something else." Mrs. Pei was a wise man, like a mirror in her heart, but she said, "I must love you when you come into my house. The ceremony of being a flat wife also makes it possible. The servants only care about the call of the master's grandmother. No one dares to belittle the girl." "I don't want to hang on any longer, so I stood up and said," Liu'er, let's go. Frightened, Aunt Hu hurriedly stood up and said, "Don't be annoyed, Miss. My wife is straightforward, and because my brother is so ill at the moment, she's in a hurry. For the sake of my wife's eagerness to love her son, I'll forgive her." Mrs. Pei also wiped away her tears and said, "I made a slip of the tongue. The girl can't leave now. If she leaves, my son will die!"! When he wakes up, I'll send someone to take the girl back immediately. She had no choice but to stay, said Aunt Hu. "Madam is muddle-headed. The girl's face is tender. Naturally, she has to mention the marriage to the elders in her family. How can she say it regardless of what she likes in her heart? It annoys the girl." A word to Pei madam solution, also to do not hope to earn face, six son can not help but look at Hu aunt two eyes, the heart is really to do aunt or have some means, dead can be said to survive. Mrs. Pei nodded and said, "Yes, yes, I'm confused. I didn't mean to offend the girl." He stood up and said, "Miss, sit down and let's go." Don't look forward to sending them out again. Aunt Hu politely told her to sit down. She and Mrs. Pei went out of the Chrysanthemum Garden and talked about Miss Chunjun all the way. Mrs. Pei said, "I just found out what she was talking about. This girl has such a high heart that she doesn't want to be a flat wife." Aunt Hu said, "You can see that she is a girl with ideas. No wonder brother Zhen put her on the top of his heart." "It's a big idea, but it's hard for my Landu!" With a deep sigh, Mrs. Pei went to the Buddha Hall to pray for Pei Zhen and Sister Su. Here Liu'er pursed his lips and muttered, "Look at the girl's good temper. The two of them set up a game to lead the girl to drill in!"! If you ask me, the girl shouldn't have come! Wu Wang took the veil to wipe Pei Zhen's sweat and said lightly, "I'm returning his love.". "Say a few words less and listen to him carefully." Because of his love, but also think of his good days, naturally do their best to take care of it. Pei Zhen was hot and cold until Shen Shifang woke up. When he opened his eyes, he felt the world spinning. It took him a lot of effort to see the people in front of him. Then he looked at the layout of the room. It was his own home. He wondered, "Why is the girl here?" "You're not well," said Wu Wangxi. "I came to see you. It's good to wake up." Turning to Liu'er, he said, "You go and inform the elder sister outside that Uncle Zhen has woken up and told them to invite his wife." Liu Er took one look at Pei Zhen and nodded to go out to look for someone. Embarrassed, Pei Zhen sat up and asked, "But do you want to drink water?" Pei Zhen nodded and said, "I'm sorry to bother the girl." Without looking at him, his face was pale, his lips were bloodless, and his tone of voice was faint and distant. He felt a little disappointed. He turned to the table and poured a glass of water. He handed it to him and drank it slowly. He hesitated and said, "Now that you're awake,facial recognization camera, you can take good care of it. I should go, too." Pei Zhen's eyes showed pain and murmured, "It's better not to wake up." 。