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The "young man" laughed and said, "Where, where?

The "young man" laughed and said, "Where, where? The big police chief's eyes are like mountains. He forced us out as soon as he forced us out. Yes, we are so ashamed that we can't hide this time! The "old man" also sneered and said, "The big police chief is very skillful in doing things, and when he handles a case, he enforces the law like a mountain. I didn't think so To, a scene is still done so well! Ruthless only way: "The words are too serious." Then he folded his fists and said, "Goodbye." That "old", "little" two people, only look at him coldly to lead a crowd and so on (only two yamen left, "cooking" on the ground As for Lao Wu, he stood there dumbfounded, while Wen Wen had already lifted the curtain of the sedan chair. I was stunned at that time. Until the merciless to go, to get on the sedan chair, at this time,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, the sedan chair in the unexpectedly out of the next person. This man looks very hot. He frowned and clenched his lips, as if everyone had a deep hatred for him! Who is he? How can you hide in a merciless sedan chair all the time? 9. The seventh in the world fell one hundred. The man stepped down from the sedan chair, suddenly smiled, and made way for the merciless man with a salute. A "road" that makes heartlessness natural and "convenient" (at least for a disabled person). Sedan chair. The man's original violent appearance was completely changed by a smile. There are few people like him who can change so dramatically when they laugh and when they don't: just like two. Like a completely different person. When the man does not laugh, he is extremely irritable. But once you show a smile, it becomes very gentle,interactive flat panel display, very gentle, very gentle. Mild. A kind of gentleness that is not trivial. Ruthless is also gentle with him. He returned the same salute to the man, and then entered the sedan chair. The three boys protected him, and together with the other officials, they left. Opened Yellow Pants Avenue. Even Lao Wu stayed for a long time, stamped his feet, sighed, and followed him. He had planned to kill the seventh in the world, to tie up his hands, or to become an outlaw from then on, but he had already thrown caution to the wind. Don't kill this man. The reason for killing the seventh in the world is: The seventh in the world killed a lot of yamen and captors. These bailiffs were all elites and good players in the six doors, but they had no chance. He was killed by this man for no reason and for no reason. Several of them were old friends and close friends of Lao Wu. Lao Wu is a man who loves to make friends. And a man who loves his friends. He is very straightforward, smartboards in classrooms ,65 inch smart board, so most of his friends, especially his good friends, are very forthright. A straightforward man. The murderer had killed so many of his friends, and the six doors had been badly weakened, and the elite had been completely lost. Old Wu was natural. He cannot be forgiven. However, Lao Wu also knows better than anyone: once this man is escorted back to Dali Prison for trial, he is afraid that the "trial" will not be necessary. Will be "acquitted." The "law" must not punish the murderer-because he must have a backer behind him. Steady as the "backing" of "Mount Tai". On the contrary, innocent and ambitious people who have made achievements are often easy to be sentenced and convicted because of their "achievements". It is "easy" to threaten "these" backers ", but they have no" backers "themselves. Therefore, he refused to let the murderer go unpunished, so there was only one way: Kill him before he goes to jail. Although this is knowingly breaking the law, law enforcement is wrong, but only dereliction of duty, let the ruthless disappointed with themselves. He was ready to destroy the reputation he had built up for years in Six Doors overnight, and was even ready to go to prison, life and death. Forget it. He is such a person who always enforces the law like a mountain, but when he finds that the law is not clear, he enforces the law on his own. Willing to bear all the consequences. It's a pity that he can't kill the seventh in the world. He saw that a few good players in Wenmen still could not kill the seventh in the world, and he could not bear to see that he was merciless for a heinous murderer. The "time-honored brand" continued to hit, so he had to do it himself. But ruthlessness stopped him. And blew his knife away. Unexpectedly, the seventh in the world actually turned around and plotted mercilessly. Even more unexpected is: Ruthless seems to have been prepared, a blow to kill him! And now the seventh in the world is dead, Lao Wu did not kill the prisoner, nor did he break the law. But in full view of the public, there was indeed an "intention" to kill the prisoner. Although, the "situation" does not seem to really kill. The prisoner is so serious, but he can't get away with it! Ruthless walk, he also had to go with. Those who do not go are several masters of the Wen family. They gathered in the middle of Yellow Pants Avenue. The man who is violent when he is not smiling and gentle when he is smiling is still smiling gently. Xiang Wenwen smiled gently. Wen Wen was stunned for a long time before he finally smiled. With a smile, his melancholy disappeared and his gentleness and politeness returned. I didn't expect it. "Didn't think I'd come?" The impetuous and gentle man asked him kindly with a smile. It's not that I didn't expect you to be in a ruthless sedan chair. Wen Wendao, "Everyone knows that it is a magic sedan chair." Without his approval, no one can go up. "Yes, if he doesn't agree, I can't get in either." "So he told you to go up?" "Yes." "When did it happen?" "Before Xiren and Watanabe showed up to do it." The man who smiled gently and was manic when he didn't smile is still smiling today, so his voice is very gentle: I was quietly following him in the back of the sedan chair, ready to wait for the ferryman and Xiren to make a move, and I would cooperate with them from inside to outside. Wen Wen fully understands. That was one of their plans. I used to echo you from beginning to end. I don't understand why you're in his sedan chair. The man who smiles kindly is, of course,smart board for conference room, the gentle man who is called "the ends of the earth" together with Wen Wen in Jianghu. I was going to do it behind his sedan chair, but I invited his knife boy to get on the sedan chair. "Did he invite you to the sedan chair?" "Yes!"! At first, I was very suspicious. But I went up anyway. He made it clear from the beginning that he had.