What is adreno chrome?

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Adreno chrome is a drug that is the subject of false and dangerous conspiracy theories spread by followers of QAnon.

What is adreno chrome?

 Adrenochrome is a drug that is the subject of false and dangerous conspiracy theories spread by followers of QAnon.

 The theory shows that liberal politicians and Hollywood "elites" are collecting children's blood to extract adrenaline red, in order to obtain the benefits of illusion and life extension.

 Adrenochrome is a compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (adrenaline). It is a potential cause of schizophrenia, but research is limited. Although it has no medical application at present, the related derivative compound carbazole chromium is a hemostatic drug. Despite the name of this compound, it has nothing to do with the element chromium; On the contrary, the suffix "- chrome" indicates the relationship with color, because pure Adrenochrome red is dark purple

Despite this compound's name, it is unrelated to the element chromium; instead, the ‑chrome suffix indicates a relationship to color, as pure adrenochrome is deep violet

 Although totally untrue, this theory is very common, and followers of QAnon now regard themselves as members of Congress.

While completely untrue, the theory is widespread, and QAnon followers now count themselves among members of Congress.
Adrenochrome, according to this misinformation, is being harvested by liberal elites from the blood of kidnapped children. The conspiracy theory holds that this drug offers a psychedelic experience and even holds the promise of immortality for those who take it.

 According to this misinformation, the liberal elite is extracting adrenergic acid from the blood of abducted children. Conspiracy theory holds that this drug provides a kind of psychedelic experience, and even promises eternal life to those who take it.

While that may sound patently ridiculous, the adrenochrome conspiracy theory has now made its way beyond the bloodshot eyes of YouTube investigators and into mainstream culture.