A childhood sweetheart

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Jiao Fei also said a lot, raised his hand, invisible sword light spread, from the head of Tianmo's chest, sword light shock,

Midnight emergency assembly is the most worrying thing for everyone. There is a little fat man in the next dormitory. In order to cope with the emergency assembly, he packed his backpack and slept with the quilt every night. Finally, unfortunately, he caught a cold. On another occasion, the number of classes, there is a class reported that "the class should be 8 people, the actual 9 people", even the instructor could not help laughing. When a large group of boys get together, they always talk about topics with color, and a few people with good appearance are fond of talking about their experiences with women. Every time I hear such topics, I can't help thinking of him, and then I feel irritable for no reason. Compared with him who has experienced hundreds of battles, I am just a young child, the only girlfriend I have ever dated, and I have never held hands, let alone any further relationship. However, college girls are more unrestrained (?) Four girls have expressed their love to me in only two weeks. During the free time after dinner, I was once again called to the back of the canteen by two girls, and then a girl with pigtails stood there for a long time before she coyly said she liked me. Come on,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, we just got into college, and the training is separate for boys and girls, and I don't even know her, and I don't think she knows me. So what does she and the girls who say they like me like about me? Once again, I politely refused her, but still promised to be a friend. I didn't even see her face, so I just said it casually. When I went back to the dormitory,Amber Dropper Bottles, I found that I had been bitten by two mosquitoes, and it was so itchy. I don't know what they like about me? "Your face, of course!" Zhou Tianyu lay on his side on the bed, holding his head with his right hand and playing with my hair with his left hand. Face I touched one of my faces. However, thousands of boys are wearing the same camouflage clothes, wearing hats, they can also see? Besides, I never like my comely face, which is a bit like a woman's. I think a handsome man should be like Zhao Xin, full of masculinity, or Zhou Tianyu. Girls are very powerful. He yawned, "but then again, Xiao Feng, 30ml dropper bottle ,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, you look so good that even boys will be fascinated by you." "Don't talk nonsense!" I knocked off his hand. This man is not qualified to criticize me. There are more girls chasing him than me. I heard that there are people who like him since middle school, and he can do well between them. He is a guy without moral integrity. You'll know later if I don't talk nonsense. But you must be careful of the big bear of the first squadron! I tilted my head. I've heard of the boy named Big Bear and seen him several times, but what should I be careful of? The next day, I understood what Zhou Tianyu meant. When I was cleaning the toilet, I was cleaning in shifts during military training. When it was my turn and I was the only one, the boy nicknamed Big Bear suddenly rushed in and pressed me against the wall and said he liked me. I suddenly had goose bumps all over my body, and I didn't expect Zhou Tianyu to ask me to be careful about this. I did not hesitate to hit him with the broom I had just cleaned the toilet, and I simply kicked him hard at the bulge between his legs. Of course, I understand the weakness of men. I ran away when he covered his lower body and screamed. When he rushed out of the toilet, he saw Zhou Tianyu standing outside with his hands in his hands, looking at a good show on his face. I didn't expect you to be very good! You guy! Why didn't you tell me? "Ha ha, didn't I ask you to be careful?" "But you didn't tell me he was gay!" I wanted to vomit when I thought he had an erection while holding me. "And you knew it and you didn't help me!" "I wanted to help you, but didn't you solve it before I helped you?" "You.." I was too angry to speak. You're also very strange. If you're not gay, why don't you accept those girls? I didn't answer. Of course I'm not gay, but why would I say no to those girls? Is it because of him? I don't know. I don't think so. I like him, but I also know that men can't be with men. I will marry a woman sooner or later-to be honest, my heart is also extremely eager for a gentle and lovely girl to be my girlfriend, but none of those girls meet my goals. Chapter 7 At the end of the two-week military training, we sat in the bumpy truck compartment with quilts in our arms and were transported back to school like piglets. I was greeted by his idiotic smile and an almost suffocating hug. Let go, let go! You, you, what are you doing here? I even stammered a little because I was so surprised. Hey, our military training ended earlier than you, I know you ended today, so I came right away. Xiao Feng, I miss you so much. "Good, good," I was in a hurry to get out of his arms like an octopus, not daring to look directly at Zhou Tianyu's pondering eyes. I have always felt that Zhou Tianyu has a pair of particularly powerful eyes, and it is likely that he and I have seen an unusual relationship that is not just a friend. Xiao Feng, I want to go home. Zhao Xin can live in my bed. Zhou Tianyu left with a big bag full of dirty clothes, Han Xiaofeng went home, and there were only two of us left in the dormitory. What are you doing here? I looked at his busy back and asked him to help me change the sheets and quilt covers, just like an old maid. Of course it's because I miss you. Don't you miss me, Xiao Feng? I didn't answer, because I couldn't answer, so I left him to himself. But don't worry, I'll be here every weekend. "What?"? You come every week? Are you kidding me? "Yes," he looked at me with a serious face, really not like a joke. Wait, wait, do you know how much the round trip fare is? "It's 68 yuan,30ml Dropper Bottle, and the bus is just 70 yuan." "How much do you live on every month?" "Eh?"? Only 400 yuan. My parents said that I often went home to eat and live and refused to give me more money. "Who will pay the fare if you come every week?" "Huh?" Looking at his idiot, I couldn't help cursing: "If you plan to come every week, you will spend at least 280 yuan on the ticket every month. What can you do with the remaining 120 yuan?"? What are you going to eat? "I eat this every day at home." He smiled so treacherously that I just felt a headache. Don't come here to find me. 。 penghuangbottle.com