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Original Title: Bra Size Chart (Group of Pictures) As the shopping guide of Ai Yizhen underwear,

Original Title: Bra Size Chart (Group of Pictures) As the shopping guide of Ai Yizhen underwear, I often receive telephone consultation from beauties recently. Their questions are varied, some are very strange, some are very professional, and some are dumbfounding (lovely beauties). I conclude that 70% of women's questions are about bra size, that is to say, more than half of women don't know what their cup size is and what their bra size is. What a heart-wrenching phenomenon! Women divide their love into many units. Love yourself and pay attention to yourself with a very small part. In order to let more female friends know clearly how to measure their bra and bra size, today I put the measurement method and bra and bra size table on paper to share with more female friends, hoping to solve the problems of beautiful women. Bra Size Chart (cm) Interpretation of Bra Size Chart Expand the full text The bra above, the bra size chart allows you to know at a glance how to measure the bust. The lower bust size is measured horizontally around the bottom of the breast, which is the lower bust size of your chest (in cm). For the sake of convenience, when buying a bra, you often choose a similar approximate number as your bra size according to your lower bust size. For example, if your lower bust size is between 68 cm and 72 cm,garment measuring tape, please choose size 70. Please refer to the bra size chart for details. Next, Aizhen underwear will teach you how to measure the upper bust size: the length of a circle horizontally around the highest point of the chest (nipple) is your upper bust size. When measuring, it is recommended to use a further method, such as 74.5 cm, which is calculated as 75 cm. But how to measure cup size? This is not difficult Subtract the lower bust circumference from the upper bust circumference to get the upper and lower circumference difference, and then through the following cup comparison table of circumference difference,custom tailor tape, you can get the most suitable cup size for you. Warm tips on the choice of bra for Aizhen underwear The cup size calculated by the bra size chart is not necessarily the final bra size to be purchased, it is only a reference value. In addition, when choosing bra size, there are three constraints: 1, fat slants much: The grade of cup should choose big one class. (For example, D is usually selected when the difference value is C) 2. The calculated difference is rather vague: Please choose a larger cup size as far as possible so that there is room for breast development. (For example, if the difference is 15 between C and D, D is usually selected.) 3. The shape of the breast is flat like a plate of loose sand: the smaller the difference measured, the larger the selected cup level. (For example, when the lost fat is gathered and shaped according to the scientific dressing method, bra measuring tape ,retractable tape measure sewing, the measured difference is B cup, then the selected cup is C cup.) If you see the true meaning of fashion, but did not find the perfect care of their own. Underwear is known as the second layer of women's skin, more intimate than lovers and more intimate than girlfriends, which is also based on the design and selection of materials to provide more comfortable product experience for more women. Hong Kong Aizhen: The best of her, to the truest of you. Milk Protein Fiber: Make Care Closer Ai Yizhen uses the most environmentally friendly and comfortable milk protein fiber material in the world at present, and its quality index can be comparable to cashmere. Milk protein fiber has become the preferred material for underwear because of its top comfort, moisture absorption and conductivity, and heat absorption and release. Impeccable comfort Milk protein fiber has a cashmere-like feel, but its monofilament fineness is thinner, its specific gravity is lighter, its elongation at break, crimp elasticity and crimp recovery rate are closest to those of cashmere and wool, the fiber is fluffy, fine and soft, and its touch is as soft, comfortable and smooth as cashmere; the fiber is white It has silky natural luster and elegant appearance. Its fastness to light and perspiration is up to grade 3 ~ 4. Immaculate moisture absorption and transmission The cross section of milk protein fiber is irregular and round, with many gaps in the cross section and many longitudinal grooves. Protein molecules are distributed on the surface of the fiber. It contains natural protein moisturizing factors and a large number of hydrophilic groups, which can quickly absorb human sweat and disperse it into the air through the grooves, so that the skin is always kept dry, and the resistance to fluffing and pilling reaches 3-4 levels. Transparent and smooth heat absorption and release The three-dimensional multi-gap microporous structure and the longitudinal surface groove structure of the fiber determine that the fiber has the characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer: the fiber is made into a light fabric in summer, can quickly absorb moisture and sweat emitted by the skin, and quickly diffuse into the air to keep the skin dry and breathable; and the fiber is made into a thick fabric in winter. The micropores absorb the heat emitted by the body, effectively block the air circulation, prevent the invasion of cold air, and keep the body light and warm. In addition, the milk protein fiber also has other properties, such as bright, soft and lustrous color, high dye-uptake and color fastness above grade 4 when dyed at normal temperature and pressure, extremely high safety because the original performance of the product is still maintained after dyeing, and natural bacteriostatic function Compared with wool and cashmere, it is mildew-proof and mothproof, with high strength,bespoken tape measure, durable and washable, easy to store and easy to dry after washing. ? After washing, the permanent performance of the product can still be maintained. All these have laid a solid foundation for the integration of other elements and the durability of the use of Ai Zhen underwear. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.