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Suddenly it began to rain, and the rain made the roof crackle. When the rain stopped and the wind continued, the branches and leaves of the pine tree swept over the roof tiles from time to time,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, "rustling, rustling", like human chatter. The depo

There is a sense of tension in the deposit and deduction. If we do not grasp the last two months, the college entrance examination is not as anxious as those students? It's just the front and back of the feet. He looked at all the students in front of him. Who did he pick out after two months? Alas, in the college entrance examination, there are always some people laughing and some crying, some happy and some sad. The depositor has always been confident of himself, but now he dares not take it lightly. This time, his scores in history and geography were not counted in the class, and his math scores were unexpectedly not ideal, but his scores in Chinese and English were higher, with 95 points in Chinese, the first in the whole grade. To be honest, if he wants to pass the college entrance examination smoothly, at least for now, he is not well prepared. He knew it was time for the real sprint. He wants to go all out to surpass and surpass again! Chapter 21 Almost twenty days before the college entrance examination, the depositor felt some discomfort in his eyes. It was only itchy when it came up, but later it became more prickly, with tears in the wind and tears in the light. He thought it was because he had been studying under the lamp for too long at night and his eyes were dry, so he went to the drugstore and bought some erythromycin eye ointment,ceramic bobbin heater core, which seemed to have no effect. No, use chloramphenicol eyedrops instead. Although the seven holes are connected, the eyedrops are a little bitter when they flow into the mouth, but they are much more tolerable than the sticky and foul gas of the ointment. But it's still no use. It's okay during the day, but after reading and doing exercises under the fluorescent lamp for a long time at night, it's like a small insect waking up in his eyes, turning over,ceramic bobbin heater, kicking and crawling. He has to close his eyes and rub it with his fingers for a while. When kneading, the inside was "clattering", tears flowed out, and the index finger was wet. Especially nerve-racking, often bad mood, distress to death. But he didn't go to the hospital. He always thought it was because he overused his eyes. When Li Jinxiang's father heard about it, it was only a few days before the college entrance examination. He hastened to ask Chin Hsiang to send for Cun Kou. He grabbed mulberry leaves and made soup for Cun Kou to smoke and wash his eyes. Then he picked fresh dandelions and squeezed the juice into his eyes. "You child," he complained! You are suffering from trachoma. How can it be delayed until now? How can you cure it in a short time? It will delay your exam. On July 6th, all the candidates went to Xinghua County to take the college entrance examination. Sitting on the morning ship, the depositor was a little dazed and dozed off on Li Jinxiang. When I woke up, I looked out of the porthole. The vast expanse of water, the navigation mark in the middle of the water, the fishermen's net fence in the distance, Ceramic Bobbin ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, the trees on the shore, and the stuffy weather were all familiar, reminding him of the scene when he came to Xinghua with Xiuping in the spring of the year before last. The students on the boat crowded together, some were talking and laughing happily, some were quiet and silent, in fact, they were a little nervous. The deposit was not nervous, and his mood at this time was calm and almost gloomy. Li Jinxiang saw that something was wrong with the state of deposit and asked, "Why are you so spiritless?"? It must have been done badly these days. It's all right. I seem to have a little cold. "You." Li Jinxiang sighed and looked at him a little worriedly. "When you get to Xinghua, buy a tablet and have a good sleep." "It's okay." Although be to say so, deposit buckles in the mind or a bit depressed: On joint eye, it is a thing much! The examination hall of Tianduo Middle School is located in Chengbei Middle School, the county acrobatic troupe guest house is next to it, and the teachers and students of Tianduo Middle School live here. After entering the gate of the hostel, the depositor began to panic. After crossing the flower path and coming to the guest room area, he stared at the second guest room in the east where he had lived two years ago. It was the same blue-painted wooden door with a potted flower on the small windowsill. Eyes slanting to the left, the penultimate room-room six-is the room where Xiuping slept. The tall Podocarpus has a long branch stretching out above the tile edge of the roof. Everything is the same as two years ago. It's just that people have changed their age. It's just that Xiuping is no longer alive. It happened that the deposit was deducted in room six. Subconsciously, I want to change it, but what do I want to change? There is no reason. As soon as the depositor put down his simple luggage, he went to sleep on a bed near the inside-sleeping with his head covered. Meanwhile, Li Jinxiang brought in hot water and asked him to take medicine tablets-he went to a nearby pharmacy to buy cold medicine. After taking the tablets, he continued to sleep until he was called up by Jin Xiang at the time of lunch. The depositor seemed to be much more relaxed and ate two bowls of rice in the dining room. Cheng Xia brought over half a pot of Yangzhou sunflower meat, saying that the girls were too fat, and there were still a few to eat you. Deposit and Jin Xiang ate one together, half for each person. The pork is big, really fat, sweet, and melts in the mouth. I ate it two years ago. It seems to be the traditional specialty of the county acrobatic troupe guest house. In the evening, the principal, the teaching director and the head teachers of the two classes held a meeting for everyone. The meeting was not long, and what should be explained has been explained repeatedly in the school. The main thing is to say some encouraging words, asking everyone to put down the burden and give full play to their usual learning level. I want everyone to rest early, conserve energy, and go to the examination room tomorrow. Deposit buckle in the heart some laugh, all this how like two years ago. Only this time I came to the examination room, and that time I came to the track and field. At night, the depositor slept in bed, but he was clear-headed for a long time. Outside, there was the sound of passing cars roaring on the road from time to time. The students all fell asleep and breathed evenly, but fortunately no one snored. Suddenly it began to rain, and the rain made the roof crackle. When the rain stopped and the wind continued, the branches and leaves of the pine tree swept over the roof tiles from time to time,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, "rustling, rustling", like human chatter. The deposit is a little cold. He tucked in the sheets. global-ceramics.com