The male God has ignited

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However, when he saw the Commission for Discipline Inspection Lei Hu led the team to drive in four cars,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, he suddenly found that he had not seen through Liu Fei's means. Until this moment, when all the responsible persons were invited to the cars of the

Chu Zheng's expression did not change. "Where did you get the news?" "Hey, Murong's family runs a lawyer's office. When he went to look for his father, he just heard about the case." Natsuki Shigeru. Xia Mufan looked around and saw Jiang Liang go to the bedroom. He immediately asked in a low voice, "Little sister, to what extent are you and Jiang Liang?" "What do you mean?" Xia Mufan raised his eyebrows: "Your relationship." What else could there be. Jiang Liang has changed a lot since he was with her. Of course, there is still no progress in communication. Chu Zheng thought about it and answered earnestly, "I have slept." "Poof.." Xia Mufan spurted a mouthful of water. Chu Zheng dodged and looked at him coldly. I'm sorry. Xia Mufan quickly apologized. Xia Mu Fan hurriedly tidies up, Yu Guang walks on the cold face of Chu Zheng. Ran Is it going so fast? His cubs won't suffer, will they? So when Chu Zheng was not paying attention, Xia Mufan pulled Jiang Liang and asked secretly. Did you sleep with your little sister? Xia Mufan with the old father's sad: "I am not to remind you, not so fast?"? What if she's only interested in your beauty? Jiang Liang inexplicable: "I..." Nothing Xia Mufan: "… …" Jiang Liang: ".." Xia Mufan swallowed saliva: "Jiang Liang, otherwise, you still change a like?"? This guy, I think.. It's not reliable. Jiang Liang pushed him away. "No,Diameter tape measure, I like her." Xia Mufan: "… …" Who can understand the sadness of my old father. King: I can understand the old father's sadness. Fairy: You'd better think about how to get a ticket for me! King: I can't do it. Fairy: There is nothing that can't be solved by the prodigal family. King: I really can't do it. Chu Zheng: Hmm? King Number:.. I I'll try. Little cuties, why don't you vote? Can have a king number oh ~ Chapter 356 glory to the bottom (33). Cutie! Double monthly pass! Double monthly pass! Double monthly pass! Double monthly pass! If you vote one, there are two! Cutie (= ^ ^ =) The monthly ticket in your hand can be cast! Double, double, double! Go duck! —— There are also New Year's Day activities! [2019 New Year's Wish Post] First,Fish measuring board, please write down your New Year's wishes for fairies and early Zheng in the wish posts in the book review area, as well as your own wishes [which can be your favorite small things, snacks, books, picture albums.. And so on can be, can also be related to the first Zheng peripheral. , budget range [1-100] II. The format is as follows: [XX New Year's Wish] XXXXXX [Chu Zheng New Year Blessing] XXXXXX [Fairy New Year Greetings] XXXXXX Example: [Fairy New Year's Wish] Hope to have a doll bear. [Chu Zheng New Year's Blessing] I hope Master Zheng can sleep to the stars. [Fairy New Year's Blessing] I hope the fairy gets rich. Note: On the bracket band, XX in the bracket writes his name, followed by wishes and blessings. Wishes are best in kind ~ [Incorrect format is considered as automatic abandonment.] Three, five children will be drawn to realize your wishes. Fourth, Adhesive fish ruler ,Fiberglass tape measure, if it is a real object, it will involve the real address, and those who care about it will be regarded as giving up automatically. 5. Drawing method: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 90% of the floor [rounded]. If the amount is huge or the wish cannot be fulfilled, it will be postponed to the next one. The format is incorrect, and it will be postponed to the next digit. Six, draw another ten children to send 520 book coins. Floor 11%, 23%, 35%, 47%. 52%,66%,76%,82%,88%,97%。 7. One person can only leave one book review. [Think before commenting] Eight, do not reply to others in the floor, do not cause extra burden to the activity, thank you. Activity time: 2018.12.27-2019.1.2 [22:00] - [Fan Extra] First, one of the characters in the text can be selected for extra creation. No other requirements, it's all up to you! Two, the number of words is more than 300. III. Format: [XX: XXXX X] 4. Example: [Natsuki Shigeru: I'm not gay!] V. Rewards: No.1-3: 5000 book coins No.4-6: 2500 book coins No.7-9: 1000 book coins Activity time: 2018.12.27-2019.1.2 [22:00] Chapter 357 glory to the bottom (34). Chu Zheng felt that Xia Mufan looked at herself a little strange, but every time she looked past, Xia Mufan pretended that nothing had happened. Still always pull the summer cool mutter, do not know what to say. The first Zheng secretly poked the observation for a few days, and found that there was nothing unusual about Jiang Liang, so he was relieved. If Xia Mufan dares to corrupt her good man card, she won't kill him! Ding- Chu Zheng took out his cell phone. Mr. Hacker, who had not contacted her for a long time, sent her something about Huo Xuyang. Huo Xuyang looks really clean. But after Mr. Hacker's continuous monitoring, he finally found one of Huo Xuyang's infrequently used notebooks. This notebook is not in Huo Xuyang's home. There are several websites in the notebook, all about psychological crime. There is also a forum. According to Mr. Hacker's summary, this forum is full of perverts discussing how to kill people. Huo Xuyang logged on to such a website. "Is Huo Xuyang that man?" Chu Zheng asked the king. 【…… Little sister, why do you ask me now that you think he is? "Make sure." She thought it was, but it wasn't necessarily, but the bastard said it was,Horse weight lbs, and it must be. Little sister, I can't tell you.. "Then let the good man card be blackened, and I'll give him to Huo Xuyang." 【!!!】 The King was stunned. Is this your ***ing good guy card? Don't you like it.