One in ten thousand love

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In the next few days, Cheng Xinlei, who did not pay much attention to these tabloids,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, also saw the report through other students. Everyone thought she was going to marry Lei Ming and said she would help her celebrate. She was just surprised at that time, but un

"Lei Ming?" He was surprised. Yes. Luo Haoyu, I don't know what's wrong with you, but Xinlei has been dating Lei Ming for some time. Before is not did not want to look for the opportunity to tell him, Lei Ming is pursuing the heart bud, but has not had the opportunity. Now that he's calling, they're already dating. Xiaoxue, do you know when she'll be back? "I don't know." "Well, I'll call back later." When he hung up the phone, his heart sank completely. He knew of Reming, one of the heirs to the Reming Estate. Lei is so famous that even in Hong Kong, he is often mentioned. But how could she be with Lei Ming? Is this what happened in the last three months? He didn't believe that she would betray him! He must hear it from her! At the other end, at noon on a Sunday, Cheng Xinlei and Lei Ming were walking in the downtown street. He invited her out for lunch, and they ate in an open-air Western restaurant and walked along the busy street. Walking through a dress shop, Cheng Xinlei was attracted by a luxurious wedding dress in the window and could not move her eyes for a long time. At this time, a middle-aged female shop assistant inside ran out, looked at the two people, especially looked at Lei Ming carefully,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and then greeted them warmly. When Lei Ming saw that she had been staring at the dress, he took her hand and said, "Go in and try it." Her eyes widened. "Shall I try?"? No. I just think it's beautiful. He gave her a funny look. "Now there's a chance for you to try on this beautiful dress for free. Do you want it?" She hesitated. A woman of fashion age, even if she has no concept of marriage, which one does not want to go to a beautiful wedding dress? Can wear, see oneself wear the appearance of white gauze, is a very exciting thing. He seemed to read her mind and said to the clerk in English,304 Stainless Steel Bar, "This is my fiancee. She wants to try on this dress." The middle-aged woman looked very happy and said, "They have new ones, please come here.". "Who is your fiancee?" Cheng Xinlei protested to him as she walked? Don't talk nonsense everywhere. "Are you telling the truth?"? Say you don't want to buy it at all, and you don't have any plans to get married. You just look at this dress curiously and want to try it on. She was angry, but she had to admit that he had said all her thoughts. At this time, the clerk brought the wedding dress, at the same time, also took a man's dress, said to Lei Ming: "Sir, we also provide matching men's clothing here, you can also try it on with your fiancee." Lei Ming hesitated for a moment, immediately smiled and said, "That's really great!"! Honey, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, let's try it together! She ignored him and went into the fitting room with the white gauze in high spirits. When he came out, he found that Lei Ming had already changed into a white dress and was sitting on the sofa. She carefully picked up her long skirt and walked slowly to the mirror, but accidentally tripped over it and threw herself at the floor. A young shop assistant next to her quickly supported her and asked her, "Are you all right?" She shook her head awkwardly, only to see Lei Ming smiling from ear to ear. Standing in front of the mirror, looking at the person in the mirror who looks like a bride, the white gauze makes her skin more white, and some shy expressions make her feel sad. Who is she wearing this wedding dress for? A pair of big hands rested on her bare shoulders, and then he appeared behind her in the mirror. Well, it's quite nice! He looked at her and smiled. She looks beautiful in it, and you two look great together! The shop assistants praised it. Yeah, I think so, too! He boastfully said. By the way, we can take pictures for you here. Would you like to take a picture as a souvenir? "Yes!" He readily agreed to come down. Then he hugged her dumbfounded and said, "Honey, smile!" " In this way, a "wedding photo" of two people was taken. The photo was taken with Keli. When they were given two photos, Lei Ming took a pen and wrote a line at the bottom of the photo: "We are happily married!"! Then give one of them to Xinlei: "Keep it well, this is the witness of love!" Angrily and amused, she took the photo and turned to walk out of the wedding dress shop. Standing in the street, she looked down at the wedding photo, two young faces, he looked like Prince Charming, but was he really his princess? It took Lei Ming a long time to come out. He must have been pestered by the shop assistant and asked him to buy the dress. This street sells all the most expensive things in the city, and the clerks are experienced and can tell at a glance who the rich are. All right, wife, let's go. As soon as he came out, he called her with a smile. Go to hell She waved his hand away and walked forward. This is a thing that is not worth mentioning, but a few days later, a surprising change has taken place. First, a Chinese tabloid in the city published the photo with the headline: "Good things are coming for Lei's son.". The report described that a reporter witnessed a son of the second generation of the Lei family recently went to a luxury dress shop in the city with a Chinese woman to try on wedding dresses, during which they behaved intimately. Lei Gongzi even called his woman his fiancee, saying that they were close to a good thing. All of a sudden, the local Chinese community knew about it. Lei Ming was called home urgently. When his mother came back from Europe, she saw her son and said, "Look at what you have done!"! I checked your latest bill by the way, and you spent a lot of money, even a diamond ring! What is the status of our family? Is marriage a joke? I'm not kidding! I really want to marry her! He retorted. The family won't agree! But I need to see how you handle this. Make your own mess and solve it by yourself! "All right, I'll do it myself!" He undertook it with all his strength. In the next few days, Cheng Xinlei, who did not pay much attention to these tabloids,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, also saw the report through other students. Everyone thought she was going to marry Lei Ming and said she would help her celebrate. She was just surprised at that time, but unexpectedly, a moment of curiosity actually appeared in the newspaper. Who on earth gave the photos to the newspaper.