Undercover wife; CEO, it's a big deal.

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As soon as Shuiyou reminded him, Lan Xuanye's face was as stiff as a slate,

As soon as Shuiyou reminded him, Lan Xuanye's face was as stiff as a slate, livid in color, dead gray, with shame and annoyance. He thought of the roster he had lost. There were all kinds of women in it, all kinds of women, famous and famous ladies. Those women, Lan Xuanye had played with them, and some of them were tired of it only once. Now the roster was in Shuiyou's hands. The woman married him. It's not good for him to look through that thing every day. What about the roster? "Oh, I didn't want to tear it up at that time and keep it as a souvenir." The water said slowly. What do you keep it for? Out of less than one. Lan Xuanye suddenly bent down and stared at Luo Shuiyou. He was really helpless to this woman. If he saw the King of Hell early one day, he would be angry to death by this woman. Keep it for fun. Shuiyou said it casually. What's the fun? Lan Xuanye's nose was crooked with anger. She kept the roster just to embarrass him: "Destroy it when you are free. I don't want to hear you mention this broken thing again." "What a pity to tear it up." Shuiyou bit her lip, which she had paid a painful price to get. Oh, I forgot. It's okay to keep it. To commemorate our first night together, you climbed into the bed of this young master in order to steal his romantic history. I still remember that you seemed to be wearing jeans at that time, and it was so hard to take off.. "Hello!" Luo Shuiyou's voice of shame and annoyance seemed to alarm Xiao Hanghang. He immediately loosened his nipple and looked at Mommy with milk in his mouth. Eat yours, or I'll go. Luo Shuiyou looked at his son with shame and annoyance. He was so curious about what he was doing. The little guy seemed to be afraid that his milk had run away. He grabbed it again and drank it up, but his eyes were still staring at his mother. Good wife, tear it up. If you don't want to,Inflatable water park factory, I'll tear it up. Lan Xuanye pulled up a chair and sat beside Shuiyou, staring at her half-exposed white and tender chest. He couldn't help swallowing saliva and began to envy his son, but his mother would give him whatever he wanted. Luo Shuiyou shyly covered the clothes, Hanghang seemed very dissatisfied, a small hand raised, the clothes lifted bigger,Inflatable water park on lake, let Shuiyou face a burst of red, a burst of white, blue Xuan night laughed. Still laughing, I asked you which hotel, which room, otherwise how can I help you, maybe there will be video or something. Luo Shuiyou reminded Lan Xuanye. My wife is so clever. I'll ask Marco. Lan Xuanye called Ma Gao and asked about the location, Weston Hotel, room 1506. Luo Shuiyou looked at Lan Xuanye intently, it seems that his husband is not pretending, he seems to really do not know which hotel and room, is not the man who dated Li Xinman really Ma Gao? "Weston Hotel, room 1506." Lan Xuanye put down the phone. I'll check it myself. Luo Shuiyou knew that this matter could be big or small, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, in case the man in the videotape was really Lan Xuanye, outsiders knew that it was not good, she fed Hanghang, coaxed him to sleep, and then got up and walked out, Lan Xuanye also followed out. I'll go with you. "You stay at home and take care of your Miss Li." Luo Shuiyou poked Lan Xuanye's chest with his finger and deliberately laughed at him. What's mine? You're mine. Then Lan Xuanye picked Shuiyou up and strode downstairs with a proud smile on his face. No, don't do that. Someone will see you. 。 Luo Shuiyou is very embarrassed, there are people downstairs, what is he doing, not afraid to be seen laughing at him? "If they like it, let them watch it." Lan Xuanye didn't care about that. He rushed downstairs. In the living room downstairs, Lan Zaiming and Mr. Li had already come out and were talking. Lan Xuanye came down from upstairs with Shuiyou in his arms. They were all very surprised. Li Xinman's eyes almost fell out with anger. Seeing everyone in the living room, Lan Xuan put the water leisurely on the carpet, as if afraid of dropping her, and then coldly put his hands in his trousers pockets. "Are you finished?" Lan Xuanye looked disdainfully at Mr. Li, the editor-in-chief of the media. It seemed that he was just a guy who wanted to covet power. Unfortunately, he miscalculated and did not ask who Lan Xuanye was and when he had been pestered by a woman. Blue, Master Blue. Mr. Li was a little embarrassed. The blue young master didn't seem to be as easy to talk to as his father. His expression was so arrogant that he obviously didn't take him and his daughter seriously. Xuanye, Dad decided to let Miss Li stay here first. Lan Zaiming opened his mouth. What did you say Lan Xuanye walked directly in front of Lan Zaiming. His son's anger made Lan Zaiming feel a little embarrassed. He knew that Lan Xuanye would react like this. But now people insist that his son did it, and he has a big belly. The Lan family must give an explanation. Live here? Not to mention that Master Ben didn't touch her, even if he did, she wasn't qualified to live in. Lan Xuanye's contempt made Li Xinman's eyes red, her heart plummeted, her body leaned on the sofa, and she had no strength at all. What should she do? All she could do now was to pretend to be pitiful, so she covered her face and wept with grievance. Xuanye, don't do this, the child can be born to do the identification, after the identification, if it is the blue family, the child absolutely can not live outside, the father will give her a statement. "That child isn't mine at all. She's already pissed me off." Lan Xuanye stepped forward, he wanted to question the woman, if she was shameless, Lan Xuanye also let her not go out, when Lan Xuanye's big hand grabbed Li Xinman, everyone exclaimed out, Luo Shuiyou came up, stopped Lan Xuanye, and dragged the grumpy guy behind him. You can't touch her. Luo Shuiyou warned Lan Xuanye that if Lan Xuanye was reckless at this time and let Li Xinman have a miscarriage,Inflatable indoor park, things would be in trouble. Shuiyou, don't you see? She's a bitch! Lan Xuanye said angrily. It won't take a few days to find out if she's a bitch. Luo Shuiyou looked at Mr. Li and asked contemptuously, "Are you Miss Li's father?" 。 joyshineinflatables.com