Red-eyed Sword Demon of Online Games

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After listening to the little one's words, he woke me up. Of course,

After listening to the little one's words, he woke me up. Of course, if that's the case, then it's the same wherever I run. Of course, we can't see the movements of the rain girl moving by water. On the contrary, it can use the rain to observe our every move, so I am afraid we will be killed by the rain girl, we need to think of a way. But so far it seems that there is nothing we can do. It's raining all the time. Xiaodong, you take everyone to go quickly, get out of here and retreat to another place. "How can this be done?"? You fight this Boss yourself? At this time I smiled, since the rain girl uses water to move, rely on water to survive, then I use fire to break its dimension. Once the dimension is broken, it has no way to survive. At this time, I waved the evil spirit to release the fire field in situ, but at the moment when the fire field appeared, a system prompt sounded. Ding ~ System: "Due to the mutual promotion and restriction of fire and water, the player's power is reduced by 35% when the sword passes the traceless fire skill." After this prompt, I was slightly surprised. I didn't expect that there would be such a thing. It seemed that I was at a disadvantage anyway. Then there is no way. At this time, I suddenly exploded the magic, and raised a layer of magic, waved the evil spirit and rushed directly to the Boss, but only saw a flash of white light, the rain girl disappeared again, of course, this time the rain girl did not know where to come out. That's what I'm most worried about. At this time, the rain girl finally appeared again,artificial banyan trees, of course, this time the Boss is not a simple attack, but the release of a skill. The rain on the ground gradually condensed into two big hands. Grabbed me. At this time, I was slightly stupefied, which must be a constraint skill. And I wielded the evil spirit without hesitation to perform the psychic art, at that moment, a purple and black light flashed, and Caladston appeared in front of me. Of course, after summoning Kedilas, it was not to fight,fake ficus tree, but to be my shield. Sure enough, the two big hands had spread out. Then Cadilus was gripped tightly by a large hand. And a hand, of course. But this time it's easier. I move quickly, running around the rain girl, but this does not seem to have any effect, my movements are seen by the rain girl in the eyes, of course, I just want to take advantage of this. At this time, Boss finally attacked me again. However, the body of the rain girl suddenly turned into a pool of blood. Disappeared again. But at this point, I have felt the location of the rain girl. Of course, it is not my ability, but the help of the Red Wolf. This guy's attribute is fire, for the water system. The feeling is particularly strong. At the moment when the rain girl was approaching, I quickly ran out of the evil spirit and used ghost control to control the evil spirit to hover around me constantly. Sure enough, it worked. In this case, Boss could not get close to me, but the big hand had appeared in front of me. At the moment when I was about to catch me, silk ficus tree ,faux grass wall, I quickly moved to the side of the rain girl, and then the big hand followed, and I quickly lowered my body and jumped out. After a flash of light, the rain girl let out a scream. Hum, it worked! Although I was overcast, the rain girl did not seem to lose much blood. Of course, the attack of the water system has no effect. Just as the rain girl was about to disappear again, I rushed up with an arrow. At this time, I did not hesitate to cut off the body of the rain girl with my sword. At this moment, the skill of the rain girl's dimensional movement was interrupted by me in an instant. And I waved the evil spirit and took two steps back. Directly released the rage crazy magic strike. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill of No Trace of Sword, Raging Flame Crazy Demon Strike." At this time, a burst of flame suddenly appeared, and the sword gas suddenly exploded on the Boss's body. Of course, although the flame skill is a little weak this time, it is enough to give the rain girl a heavy blow. At this time, however, a barrier appeared on the body of the rain girl, which directly offset my skills. When I saw such a situation, I was slightly surprised, and did not think that the rain girl actually had such skills. It seems that I underestimated it. At this moment, Xiaoran said, "Zifan, I know the weakness of this Boss.". ” "Damn it, why don't you go?" To be honest, I have no way to fight against this Boss, of course, this Boss is extremely powerful. Out of our imagination. At this time, I saw Xiaodong waving nine degrees of Xuanbing blade rushed up, and I was slightly startled, was about to stop him, but it was too late. Then I looked at the blue light and said, "Blue light, pull blood!" " Then I saw the blue light waved the staff and constantly released the group healing, but Yu Haijiao also used the Tianling shield. And this time I saw Xiaodong instantly appeared in front of the Boss, I saw nine degrees of black ice blade flashing a chill, at this time I now Boss's action instantly became a little slow. However, I was slightly surprised, did not expect such a short period of time, Xiaodong he was able to find out the weakness of the rain girl, it is really admirable. At this time, I saw the moment when the dagger and the water whip were interlaced, the body of the rain girl was cut off again, but it was restored to its original shape in less than two seconds. Of course, I understand that unless the dimension of this rain girl is broken, anyone can recover from her body. However, at this time, the rain girl has not come to her senses, Xiaodong's dagger with a series of flying left a few scars again, across the rain girl's body. And I was slightly surprised. I think I know what Xiaodong is going to do. At this time, I waved the evil spirit and rushed up with an arrow, and cast the heart of the sword demon, which made my attack attribute instantly increase. And I did not hesitate to release a skill. Ding ~ System: "The player has enabled the skill of Sword Without Trace, ignoring everything." After this prompt, the sword gas kept running, but only saw a flash of strong light, the powerful sword gas directly through the body of the rain girl, this time only saw the body of the rain girl suddenly exploded. And has not seen the appearance, of course, can not be so forget,fake ficus tree, otherwise it will soon heal again. But I smiled and said to the little one, "Little one, the ice is broken!" " 。