Return to the Three Kingdoms: My Heart

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Not long after, I saw several maids supporting a woman dressed in a water-green dress came in steadily

Not long after, I saw several maids supporting a woman dressed in a water-green dress came in steadily. This woman's temples are towering, dignified and beautiful, her eyebrows are beautiful, and her eyes are shining. It is her son! Liu2 bei4 and Guan Yu and others saw, couldn't help but surprised, who would have thought that from their side was forced to Cao Cao to the son Kui unexpectedly appeared in Jiangdong, and a change, unexpectedly became sun Quan's prospective wife. And at this moment, the most complex mood is not others, is zhaoyun, Zhao Zilong. At the moment when the son came into view, zhaoyun was really surprised. There is no word that can interpret his heart, when we parted, only that the predestined person will meet again sooner or later, unexpectedly, this unexpected reunion happened at the banquet when we first arrived in Jiangdong. Meet again and son Kui, zhaoyun overjoyed, but on the other hand, son Kui has now become the prospective wife of sun Quan, the news is also like five thunderbolts each half, zhaoyun shocked, his heart can't help but emerge a bit of pain, the bitter only he knows, he suppressed the sad mood,ultrasonic welding transducer, looked at the son Kui with a smile, don't want to blink. Zi Kui also noticed that the guests in the east of the Yangtze River, Liu Bei and Guan Yu, were all acquaintances in the past. They smiled on their faces, as if they were blessing Zi Kui. When Zi Kui's eyes wandered to Zhao Yun, the eyes were locked by something, and it seemed difficult to move away again. His familiar figure, once upon a time also quietly appeared in the dream of the son, brilliant smile as in the past,ultrasonic cutting machine, still unforgettable, whether he is doomed to be a predestined person, every time is surrounded by many helpless, so that they can not be close to him and her involuntarily, even if he is her unforgettable first love, but had to be separated again and again. Get farther and farther apart. Knowing that he would never see her face again, and that she would never dream of him again. Is this reunion the last time we meet? She and he sighed to themselves in a tacit way that only the two of them could hear, see and feel each other. Looking forward to how many days of reunion, unexpectedly is like this, zhaoyun looked at the son, eyes can't help but overflow with fog. The son only felt that his throat was salty and astringent, and the tears flowed to his heart. She hurriedly lowered her head and dared not look at Zhao Yun's eyes again. Why to leave zhaoyun and others that year, why to drift to Jiangdong alone, she completely forgot, together with the Cao Cao was forgotten clean. The fate of life is always unsatisfactory, he and she met, know each other, love each other, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but it is difficult to stay together, again and again inexplicably separated, as if destined to let them each other sad, tears for each other. How many tears do you have to shed before you can pay off your love debt. How many generations of spiritual practice will it take for him and her to stay together? When Zhao Yun saw that he had lowered his head, he also lowered his eyes and hid the fog. This reunion did not make each other happy, but added more sorrow, and further opened the distance between the two. Guan Yu beside zhaoyun was so careful that he couldn't help turning his head to look at zhaoyun and secretly reached behind zhayun and patted him a few times, as if to comfort him, but also to remind him that now, the son has become Sun Quan's prospective wife, he can't be close to her, and he can't have a bad idea. Like that year, that year because of the appearance of Cao Cao, zhaoyun can no longer guard the son, and now, sun Quan appeared, zhaoyun also has no right to close to the son, is that right? Zhao Yun hated himself, hated the fate of the Three Kingdoms, and his beloved woman seemed doomed to have nothing to do with him. This is my prospective wife, Ziqi! Welcome to Sun Mou's wedding ceremony in three days. Sun Quan laughed at Liu Bei and others. Although Liu Bei was surprised, he kept quiet. "Congratulations, Commander Sun," he said. Guan Yu and others also congratulated Sun Quan. All a congratulation, like thunder, knock on the heart of zhaoyun and son. Times have changed. Is everything different? There is an assassin in Chapter 97. Late at night, the autumn wind gently beat the window lattice. The son sat alone in front of the window, silent. Since today's big banquet, after seeing several old friends in the past, she returned to Chunfeng Silk Village and hid in her bedroom alone, as if there were many things she needed to think about. In the mind of the son, zhaoyun that tall figure constantly emerged, in addition there is a problem in the troubled her, the question is, why she would and Liu Bei, zhaoyun and others, why would come out alone after wandering and appear in Jiangdong. Ziqi has been vaguely aware that since she fainted last time and woke up again, it seems that her memory is not very good, probably because she has the kind of selective amnesia that people have heard in modern times, but people around her have been saying that she is fine, memory is not a problem at all. Sometimes she did feel that her mind was not clear. The more she wanted to think about something, the more confused she felt. Sometimes she had a headache. So she simply did not bother to think about anything. She wanted to live in a calm and confused way. Maybe this was also a kind of happiness. But today and zhaoyun and others meet again, so she had to recall the memories of the past, had to go to think of their own travel to the three kingdoms in a string of memories. Last time, Ziqi dreamed of returning to modern times. In her dream, she met her best friend Xiaolan in college and went to watch a movie about the Three Kingdoms with her. The scenes in the movie were so vivid and deep that she could hardly tell which were real and which were dreams. When watching a movie, Yang Yang, a modern university graduate, vaguely remembered that his friend Xiaolan once said that the reason why Cao Cao launched Chibi was to find a woman named Ziqi. Is the woman named Ziqi herself?! On the Red Cliff, the flames are burning, how many casualties, how much pain, too terrible! She dared not think any more. Qingqingzi, leisurely my heart! Who? Who is reciting a poem? When he heard this poem, he could not help but tremble in his heart. Who is it? She pushed open the window. There was no one outside. It was very quiet. She closed the window and sat back in her chair,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, her forehead slightly sweating. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. Who is it? "The son asked in a hurry." Sister, it's me! Tracing the cause answered at the door.