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Qi Hao also saw the people of Dazhufeng at this time, and immediately came over, followed by the people behind him.

Qi Hao also saw the people of Dazhufeng at this time, and immediately came over, followed by the people behind him. Walking up to him, he handed his hand to Song Daren and said with a smile, "Elder Martial Brother Song, you and I meet again." Song Daren did not dare to neglect him. "You're here too, Elder Martial Brother Qi," he replied. "I wonder if you'll take part in this big test." Qi Hao said with a smile, "My younger brother didn't want to take part in it, but my teacher thought that my younger brother still needed to practice, so he ordered me to take part in it, so he brazenly took a place in this vein." Song Daren nodded and said with a smile, "That's very good. With Elder Martial Brother Qi's talent, the winner this time is none other than you." Qi Hao shook his head repeatedly and said modestly, "No, I'm flattered, Elder Martial Brother Song." The two of them were talking, but Zhang Xiaofan opened his eyes wide and searched behind Qi Hao. Sure enough, within a moment, he saw Lin Jingyu standing behind Qi Hao sweeping his eyes around, apparently looking for something. The two of them looked at each other with great joy and came out at the same time, holding each other's hands, as if they had thousands of words, but they could not say them for a moment. After a long time, Lin Jingyu said, "Xiaofan,Flush Retrofit Kit, did you take part in this big test?" Zhang Xiaofan nodded his head and said with a smile, "Yes, my master was very kind to me and kindly let me take part in it. What about you?" Lin Jingyu said, "I also took part in it. Hum, what's so good about your short master? I went to your place two years ago, and he treated you like that.." "No," said Zhang Xiaofan hurriedly. "He's not like that on weekdays. He was just angry that day." Lin Jingyu and this childhood friend rarely see again, do not want to let these boring topics disturb their mood. Then he changed the subject and said with a smile, "You boy, you haven't seen each other for two years,Stainless Steel Toilet China, but you've grown so tall?" Zhang Xiaofan punched him and laughed and scolded, "Why, you can grow up and forbid me to be tall?" Lin Jingyu laughed, and the two of them talked to themselves. This time, there was no teacher beside them. They said everything happily, and others didn't care about them. Just speaking, Zhang Xiaofan inadvertently looked back, but saw Qi Hao did not know when to see Tian Linger and Wen Min that group of women standing aside, is walking over to say hello, his heart for no reason a pain, even the face also changed. Seeing this, Lin Jingyu exclaimed, "What's the matter, Xiaofan?" Zhang Xiaofan shook his head and said with a forced smile, "It's all right." But even though he said so, his eyes were still looking at Qi Hao. Qi Hao had already walked up to Tian Linger and Wen Min. He first greeted Tian Linger with a smile and said, "Sister Tian, do you remember me?" Tian Linger had been happily talking to Wen Min and other people in Xiaozhufeng. Suddenly, Time Delay Tap ,Self-closing Faucet, he saw Qi Hao suddenly appear. Somehow, his face turned red and his voice became low: "Yes, Elder Martial Brother Qi." From a distance, Tian Linger's beautiful face was slightly red, and her big watery eyes looked like a dream at first glance, but this beautiful face was reflected in Zhang Xiaofan's eyes in the distance, like a knife cut, and the pain was deep in her heart. Xiaofan, what's wrong with you? Why is your face suddenly so white? Lin Jingyu did not know why and said with concern, "Are you sick?" "No, it's all right, I'm fine." Zhang Xiaofan tunnels low. In the distance, Wen Min's mind was so keen that he looked at Tian Linger's appearance and had a rough idea in his mind. He immediately said to Qi Hao, "Elder Martial Brother Qi, why do you only know Younger Martial Sister Tian? Don't you have any sisters in our eyes?" When she said this, all the women behind her began to heckle. Qi Hao hurriedly said, "Elder Martial Sister Wen, what are you talking about? How dare I neglect the Elder Martial Sisters of Xiaozhufeng like this?" Wen Min chuckled and said, "Elder Martial Brother Qi must be determined to take part in the Seven Veins Meeting again this time." With a flash of light in his eyes, Qi Hao said, "Elder Martial Sister Wen passed three passes in the last big test, but unfortunately she was defeated by Elder Martial Brother Xiao Yicai of Nagato. It's lamentable.". Must be after 60 years of refinement, coupled with the careful cultivation of Master Shuiyue, now as the first master of Xiaozhufeng, must also be directed at this big test laurel. Wen Min said with a smile, "I dare not, I dare not. How dare I compete with Elder Martial Brother Qi? Besides, I can't afford the title of the first master of Xiaozhufeng.". ” Qi Hao frowned and said, "Elder Martial Sister Wen, you're too kind.." Wen Min said with a smile, "No, Master Shuiyue is a pedant. I'm stupid. I can't get the true biography of her. There are other talented sisters in this vein. Elder Martial Brother Qi should be careful." Qi Hao's eyes were full of light, but he smiled and said, "It's better. I'm sure I can make Elder Martial Sister Wen bow to the wind. She must be a genius. I really want to see it as soon as possible." Wen Min chuckled, nodded, said no more, and pulled Tian Linger, who was reluctant to give up, to one side. Just then, suddenly there was a scream over the square, which was like thunder, shaking the whole audience. Hundreds of Qingyun disciples in the square looked up, only to see a red light coming, stopped at the top of the square in a moment, a red fairy sword sent out a fairy gas, across the square in the air, above stood a Taoist priest of Tongtianfeng Changmen, loud to the disciples standing in the square: "Elder Martial Brotherthers, Headmaster Zhenren and all of you have orders. Please come to the Yuqing Palace to speak to all the Elder Martial Brotherthers who have taken part in the test of the Seven Veins Meeting." The mountain wind was blowing and the white clouds were misty. Hundreds of Qingyun disciples in the square stirred for a while, and then some people came out one after another and walked to the front of the square. Zhang Xiaofan thought that those disciples who were highly cultivated would directly sacrifice their magic weapons to the sky, but they all seemed to have no intention of doing so and walked honestly one by one. He and Lin Jingyu walked together, looked left and right, only to see Tian Linger and Xiaozhufeng Wenmin and other women walking together, smiling, it seems that the mood is quite good, Song Daren and other disciples of Dazhufeng followed them. As for Longshoufeng, seven or eight people walked out of Qi Hao's group of people,Manual Flush Valve, but now they went elsewhere and greeted the other disciples who also came out, especially Qi Hao, who was familiar with the names of the other disciples and greeted them. The other disciples also greeted each other with a smile. It seemed that they had a wide circle of friends. cnkexin.com