Make sure you have your boots made of OSRS

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OSRS gold run-off to off and start walking about trying to stay clear of touching the flame which is tracking you from behind. If you fail to do this, the fire will strike you with 20+ damages, cause permanent damage and stun you for a short time. Therefore, be extra careful with this one. If she begins to hit you with her standard attacks again, you'll know that it's the right time to stop your movement and keep hitting her until she'll get down to 25% HP, and then change into the final dark appearance.

In this stage, the black hydra won't be able to show any chemical resistance. Don't try to lure her on any chemical pools, this will only make her more powerful!

The basic attack count for her will restart, this means the last time she attacked in red was magic, she will begin hitting you with ranged, if she ended her ranged attack her next attack will be magical. Also note, her basic attacks will now change every single attack, not 3! Keep your eyes on the prayer flicks! After the first three basic attacks, she'll make use of her special attack, the same poison spit as the green form:

After you have escaped her poison attack, concentrate on praying Don't be moving around, unless she is able to make it through another nine basic attack and then use her poison spit again.

Congratulations on your first kill count! Now you're able to teleport or steal your loot and then run towards the Eastern Wall for more kills.

If you died during fight you are able to retrieve your personal items at a cost of 100k:

Make sure you have your boots made of stone when you head out for your quest to collect your items. If you're killed while attempting to reach the chest, you'll lose all your RS gold items!